Friday, September 9, 2011

The Summons We All Share

"I want you to do more."

It was approximately five or six years ago when I received my formal pro-life summons from God. When did you receive yours? Think you haven't yet? Well get ready, for every single one of us is being summoned RIGHT NOW! The new global pro-life movement True Love Leads to Life has begun!

I was formally summoned when my three children were elementary school age; I was a very busy single mother writing my first book while starting a new Catholic publishing company. This particular summons was quite unanticipated, as were the ones that preceded it and the ones that followed it. They all make so much sense today. God is incredibly intelligent! The day it came, I was standing in the living room by my computer reading a letter from Priests for Life.

Who can fathom the ways of God, who knows all things, loves and values us beyond measure, the One whose timing is always perfect. Considering that my summons came at such a busy time in my life has me convinced that this summons is of utmost importance, and it is.

I was standing somewhat off to the side of the desk, reading the letter in my hand, when all of a sudden I heard very clearly, "I want you to do more." I knew for certain that this summons involved pro-life work and that my cooperation was needed. Each of our responses are vital. Naturally, having absolutely no idea what to do more of, I responded, "What do you want me to do, exactly?"

There was no immediate response. I was very curious and really wanted an answer right then, but the specifics were not provided, not yet. Instead, God prepared me at that moment for the assignments that were coming.

When God summons us, we must respond and then remain open to His will as circumstances unfold and as we listen for His guidance and inspirations. Often, things are revealed over time and during prayer. I received the most guidance and information during Holy Mass and during Eucharistic Exposition and Adoration, and eventually my many questions were answered, one by one. Clearly, God wants the killing stopped. As a means to this end, He founded a new pro-life movement which is to compliment and also work together with other pro-life organizations that have already accomplished and continue to accomplish great things for humanity.

Early on it was clear that the new movement would be called True Love Leads to Life. It is a wonderful title, for true love leads to life not only here on earth, but true love leads to eternal life as well. This is a movement led by Jesus Christ in obedience to God's will that mankind end legalized abortion and euthanasia everywhere.

Currently the Board of Directors is working on the official mission statement and on the brochure, which will be made available for downloading and sharing. As we do so, I often reflect on that pivotal moment years ago when God said, "I want you to do more." The movement has already begun, and the formal announcement will be made soon. Every single member of the human family is now being summoned to actively participate in protecting the lives of all of our brothers and sisters by ending legalized abortion and euthanasia everywhere.

We find ourselves at a very crucial moment in human history. We are closer to ending abortion than many of us think. We find ourselves at a defining moment when we must choose to either side with God and respect life or to defy Him. We have the opportunity to accomplish His will and end legalized killing. If we do not, humanity will be brought to its knees as Divine Justice beckons us to restore God's moral order, for our own eternal benefit. Either way, something is coming. I do not suggest this has to be a cataclysmic event; it could be humanity will be brought to its knees literally by a mass conversion of the human heart.

There is no doubt that it is the Author of Life's will that we choose to respect and peacefully defend every person's right to life, from conception until natural death. He has already been present to witness the brutal killing of tens of millions of innocent unborn children since abortion became legal in countries around the world. We cannot even fathom what it has been like for God to have witnessed humanity refusing to be open to life and/or rejecting His gifts of life so many times and for so long. Tens of millions of times He was there as the moral order He established for our eternal benefit and for our happiness was rejected and as a result, innocent people were denied the right to live. What are we doing. True love leads to life.

Rest assured that there is no situation in which God is absent, and that God can make good come out of even the most tragic circumstances. He is always seeking our greater good, He remains with us, always beckoning us to recognize His love, accept it, love Him in return, accept His mercy, reverence His judgments, and share His love with everyone we encounter. "Come closer," He tells us. "Ascend higher!" True love leads to life.

One of the goals of True Love Leads to Life is to encourage and remind people to pray for and also role model an end to abortion. Another goal is to educate an end to abortion. As a means to this end, we will be compiling and presenting material that demonstrates concisely what God said with regard to the sanctity of life and why He created rules for us to live by. We also have established a pro-life picture gallery that encourages people to rethink what abortion truly means to individuals, families, communities, nations, and also our global community. We will continue to develop more pictures and make them available to you for copying and sharing.

We will also share some practical ways you can help end legalized abortion and euthanasia during the course of your regular daily activities, ways that will also help you grow in holiness but won't tax already busy schedules. We will also suggest things you can do that perhaps you have never even considered before or never thought had value. We will provide practical, meaningful, and helpful suggestions for people of all ages, from the home bound to the very active. It will all make so much sense, we promise.

The fallout from tens of millions of abortions has led to a colossal, global humanitarian disaster that for many exists suppressed just beneath a fragile veneer. Despite what people have been told by the abortion industry, help that kills isn't help at all and killing a child as a means to an end destroys people. By sheer numbers, the need for help, recovery, and healing is staggering.

And so, another vital facet of True Love Leads to Life is to reach out to those suffering from the after-affects of abortion. All those who chose to have an abortion, those who were forced, coerced, or misled to abort, those who encouraged others to abort and those who actively participated in the abortion process, as well as family members and friends who lost a loved one to abortion are all in need of various forms of healing. They will receive loving encouragement to seek out and accept the assistance they need to properly heal and to restore purpose, hope, and joy to their lives. True love leads to life.

We look forward to providing you with more information as it becomes available. For now, please visit the official blog for True Love Leads to Life where you are welcome and encouraged to share information, news, and stories of how God is at work in and through you and others.