Sunday, September 11, 2011

Request For Submissions

Catholic publishing company Joseph Karl Publishing is compiling stories for the life-changing and potentially life-saving pro-life book God Moments III: True Love Leads to Life. We ask you to prayerfully consider submitting a story/experience/God moment for possible inclusion in the book.

Two sample stories are: Remembering Sydney, and A Teenager Shares His Thoughts on the Eve of the Next 40 Days for Life Campaign,

If we get enough stories written (or told) by children, we will devote an entire chapter to them.

“If we do not teach our children that abortion is wrong, others may convince them that murder is right." ~True Love Leads to Life

Please help us spread the word! Submissions should be sent to Michele at Please include your name, a biography if you would like it included, and your contact information. Stories must be true (no fiction). JKP reserves the right to choose the stories and to edit submissions for grammar and clarity. The book will head to print as soon as we have enough stories, and so we are asking people to please submit them as soon as possible.

Since being founded in 2009, JKP has been recognized with 24 national and international awards for its work, and we promise that the book will be beautiful.

“Through our efforts to share the love of God with others, may everyone feel so valued that no one would ever consider, or take part in, ending another person's life, especially the weakest of our societies including the infant in the womb, the dying, and the disabled.” ~ True Love Leads to Life

Thank you for your consideration.

Michele Bondi Bottesi, Publisher, Joseph Karl Publishing