Friday, September 30, 2011

"I Will Hold It All Together"

Books, articles, photography, films, CDs, collaborations, and defending life: truly, with God all things are possible.

What a week it was here at Joseph Karl Publishing! We sometimes feel like master jugglers with so many different things going on all at once. Do you feel that way, too?

One day a few years back, I was driving toward my former parish for daily Mass after dropping my children off at their schools. Right there in the van, all of a sudden while on Hamlin Road, I felt the presence of God within me in a way I had never experienced before. Without a doubt I knew it was Him, and I also knew that if it was not for God's intervention holding me together, I would have exploded into millions of pieces. Imagine a human being containing almighty God, the Creator of the Universe!

And yet by His power, we are able to receive Him at every Holy Mass during Holy Communion.
God is so in love with us.

I wondered for one year what the significance of that event was. Then one afternoon, I was meeting with my friend and colleague Brian Dittmer at a coffee shop. We covered lots of ground during that meeting. After Brian left, I collected my things to leave, and all of a sudden I received an understanding of the significance of the experience I had in my van the year before. During that experience of God's presence within me so profoundly I thought I would explode, God had held me together. And there in the coffee shop, while working to accomplish all the things He asked through Joseph Karl Publishing, and often wondering how it could all be done, He made this vow: "I will hold it all together."

This is how we proceed with our heavenly assignments, fully confident that He will hold everything together. He does, through good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.

This week, I met with Roseann Nieman from Niemanart Graphics, head of graphic design at JKP. We are collaborating on Paul A. Ray's book cover for A New Voice for a Broken Soul, the brochure for True Love Leads To Life, the cover of God Moments III, and some other surprises we have in store for you.

I met with Mike Nykoruk of Highlights Studios to discuss Paul's book cover, a book in development for 2012, and an upcoming photo shoot. Mike recently completed the phenomenal cover image of Paul's book. Once the back cover text is edited, the text and Mike's images will go to Roseann Nieman who will integrate everything to complete the front and back covers. We just can't wait to present Paul's life-changing book to you.

A sneak-peek at a portion of Paul's book cover.

As soon as the cover is completely finished, we will notify our friends at Catholic TV, who filmed Paul at the Catholic Press Association Convention in Pittsburgh discussing his book, which will be released by JKP in December, 2012. We will share more information when it becomes available.

We also began pre-production of Apostolate Film's much anticipated documentary on the life and mission of a remarkable priest. We are overjoyed to be collaborating with Jason Salyers(, who directed the beautiful documentary film Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: Servant of All. Publishing colleague and Marian Catechist Susan Schoenstein is our anchor. :>) Currently, we are collecting video, audio, personal testimonials, and photographs for the film's trailer.

Work continues on God Moments III: True Love Leads To Life which we hope to publish by the end of 2011. The pro-life stories are coming in, and we will be sharing them as we complete this life-changing and life-saving book. Look for those stories on True Love Leads To Life's blog:

Also in development is the global new pro-life movement True Love Leads To Life. Currently the board of directors is collaborating to refine the mission statement and develop your personal pro-life summons. Your invitation will be coming soon! We are also developing the official brochure, which will also be designed by Roseann.

We continue with our point-and-shoot photography campaigns (God points and we shoot) and are expanding our pro-life image gallery as well as adding to and developing new series for JKP's gallery "God Is So In Love With Us." The newest series, one of my most favorite, is "Discover or Rediscover the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and Pro-Life Church."

Following our interview with actor and director Leonardo Defilippis, writers Nancy Carabio Belanger, Paul A. Ray, and I have been collaborating on a very special article about the life-changing work at Saint Luke Productions,which will be celebrating its 30th anniversary of in just a few weeks. We will provide a link to the article when it is published.

We are also working on a posting about the Catholic Revolver with Jerry Weber and will have information on Jerry's wonderful work up soon! And the phenomenal apostolate of Ellen Gable Hrkach at Full Quiver Publishing will be highlighted soon as well.
Award-winning author Gene X. Kortsha

And before the week comes to a close, we hope to deliver some books to award-winning author Gene X. Kortsha, who is scheduled to give four talks at three different locations in the upcoming weeks. Gene is a brilliant speaker and will discuss history and humanity and the experiences documented in his book, One Man's Journey to Freedom: Escape From Behind the Iron Curtain, which the Catholic Press Association described as "In a league by itself." We hope to record several of his talks and create a CD companion to Gene's phenomenal, life-changing book.

God Moments II: Recognizing the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, will be delivered very soon and we await word on delivery of the first print run of this life-changing compilation.

Additionally, we are creating a storyboard for Apostolate Film's first short film, which will be on one of our favorite subjects, the Eucharist.

God provides, and He continues to hold it all together, just like He promised.

Praise be to Jesus Christ, now and forever.


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