Saturday, September 10, 2011

JKP Heads Back To Highlights Studios

We are overjoyed to be collaborating with premier photographer Mike Nykoruk on material currently in development to encourage, inspire, continue your faith formation, and lead souls to Christ.

Members of the team will be returning to Highlights Studios on Wednesday to shoot the front cover of Paul A. Ray's eagerly anticipated book, A New Voice for a Broken Soul, which will be released by Joseph Karl Publishing in late 2011.

We just love working with Mike, an exceptional photographer with a fantastic get-the-job-done and get-it-done-well work ethic. His creative ideas have delighted and inspired us, and we certainly plan on collaborating with Mike on more projects the near future.

Thank you, Mike, for sharing your incredible talents with us!

Soon, we will be able to share Paul's front cover with you. His life-changing book is moving through the steps toward publication and we just cannot wait to present it to you. Paul's account of God's miraculous and unfathomable love and mercy is a reminder to us all that we are loved and valued beyond measure.

Look for more information to come soon!