Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photographing the Cover of A New Voice for a Broken Soul, by Paul A. Ray

We are overjoyed to be collaborating with premier photographer Mike Nykoruk on material currently in development to encourage, inspire, continue your faith formation, and lead souls to Christ.
Catholic author Paul A. Ray and publisher Michele Bondi Bottesi returned to Highlights Studios in Rochester Hills, Michigan to shoot the front cover of Paul's eagerly anticipated book, A New Voice for a Broken Soul.

Mike specifically designed and built the set in his studio to create the image for the front cover.

The striking image is based on a vision granted to Paul following his miraculous healing by Jesus Christ from an addiction to alcohol.
Mike and Paul at work on the set
Photographing the various sets, which involved water, alcohol, hope, healing, love, mercy, an altar, and a flower, began at 11:00 and was wrapped up for the day at 4:00. Mike is going to finish photographing the image sans his assistants after acquiring an empty, broken whiskey bottle.
Mike Nykoruk

Then, following many hours at his desk to create the final image from the many pictures that were taken, Mike will provide us the cover image. It will then be given to award-winning graphic designer Roseann Nieman of Niemanart Graphics, director of graphic design at Joseph Karl Publishing, who will complete the front and back covers.

Catholic author and altar boy Nick Bottesi visits the set.

It is anticipated that Paul's manuscript will be ready for professional copy editing by the end of September. This life-changing book is moving well through the many steps toward publication, and we just cannot wait to present it to you. Paul's account of God's miraculous and unfathomable love and mercy is a reminder to us all that we are loved and valued beyond measure.

Catholic author and speaker Paul A. Ray

"A New Voice for a Broken Soul" (Paul A. Ray; Joseph Karl Publishing) will be available December 2011.

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