Tuesday, September 6, 2011

JKP Begins Its Fall Assignments With A Holy Hour And Holy Mass

Our mission and the material comes from the Blessed Trinity and revolves around the Sacrifice of the Mass.

God Moments II: Recognizing the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, written and compiled by Michele Elena Bondi, Foreword by Paul A. Ray, is currently in print and will be available October, 2011.

The manuscript for A New Voice for a Broken Soul, by Paul A. Ray, is nearing completion. The cover image is being designed and will be photographed by Mike Nykoruk of Highlights Studios. Mike already did a fantastic job photographing Paul for the back cover. Look for Paul's life-changing book to be published in late 2011.

Joseph Karl Publishing is spearheading the new and unprecedented pro-life movement True Love Leads to Life, whose purpose is to increase sanctity on an individual level as we combine our efforts to bring a global end to abortion and euthanasia, and to promote help and healing for those in need. Currently our Board of Directors is developing the official mission statement and brochure, which will be made available for downloading and sharing by the end of 2011.

The third book in the God Moments Series, God Moments III: True Love Leads to Life, is currently in development in tandem with the pro-life movement having the same name. The book will be written and compiled by Michele Elena Bondi, and the Foreword will be written by Robert Westenberger. Currently, JKP is accepting submissions for possible inclusion in this unique book that will contain all pro-life God moments stories. Please submit true accounts for consideration to: trueloveleadstolife@gmail.com.

Joseph Karl Publishing and our invaluable publishing partner Nancy Carabio Belanger at Harvey House Publishing continue to work together and also in collaboration with other Catholic companies and organizations, as Corpus Meum, for the greater honor and glory of the Blessed Trinity and the benefit of precious, eternal souls.

Projects in development for 2012 and beyond include books, short films, articles, adding to our Catholic and pro-life photo galleries, a groundbreaking documentary film, Corpus Meum, and audio CDs.

If you are looking for exceptional quality,
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