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God Moments: Stories That Inspire, Moments to Remember

Ebook By Michele Elena Bondi
Published: Sep. 29, 2010
Category: Non-Fiction » Religion and Spirituality » Catholicism
Words: 47682 (approximate)
Language: English

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199 Pages
9 1/4 x 6 1/4 x 1/2
ISBN # 978-1-935356-09-7

God moments are very significant experiences that have great meaning for us and for other people. Such events may include people, animals, angels, saints, circumstances, or anything in God's creation, and always involve an encounter with the Divine. Perhaps they are meant to challenge or change us, encourage and inspire us, motivate, comfort, or prepare us. Sometimes they occur over time for reasons that we do not immediately understand.

We can be confident that God always loves us, remains with us, and is our strength and our hope. Our mission is to know God and serve Him, always loving in greater measure. May the stories in “God Moments” help you to recognize these special moments in your own life and encourage you to consider their purpose.


"There are 1,440 minutes in a day, but any one of those, at any time, can become a God Moment. If you've had one, you know: They're whispers from our loving God, a reminder that He is our ever-present strength."

—Nancy Carabio Belanger, award-winning author of Olivia and the Little Way and Olivia's Gift

"In God Moments," Michele Elena Bondi has gathered spiritual flowers from many sources to form a rich bouquet. It reminds us that we can never look back without seeing the hand of God, guiding, directing, and uplifting our lives. Sometimes we are proud of ourselves - mostly for the wrong reasons. Are not all our strengths a gift of God? Then again, we don't love ourselves? How can this be when God loves us, always and without reserves? How can we not love others, forgive others when God loves and forgives us? Michele brings forth these truths humbly, clearly, and with strong faith. Thank you, Michele! "God Moments" has touched me deeply."

—Gene X. Kortsha, author of One Man's Journey to Freedom: Escape From Behind the Iron Curtain

Have you ever experienced a “God Moment?” – a time in your life when God worked behind the scenes to move things in a certain direction. Some people refer to these as coincidences, mere situations of chance. For those who believe, Someone much more powerful is pulling the strings. “God moments are very special and significant events that have great meaning and purpose. They may involve angels, saints, people, animals, or anything in God’s great creation. Always they involve an encounter with the Divine. Perhaps they are meant to challenge or change us, encourage and inspire us, motivate us, sooth us, or prepare us. Sometimes they occur over time for reasons that we do not immediately understand. . . Our challenge is to recognize, believe, take action, trust, or sometimes wait, always loving in greater measure.”

In “God Moments: Stories that Inspire, Moments to Remember,” Michele Elena Bondi has compiled a collection of personal stories that reveal God acting in our lives. Organized into the categories of Love, Discernment, Faith, Healing, Suffering, Miracles, and Reconciliation, the essays share both intimate and public moments of contact with God.

For example, one mother tells of her eighth-grade son expressing his need for space. She had put her hands on his shoulders in front of his friends, and he removed them and said “Bye, Mom.” She understood the developmental stage, but was still hurt by it. Yet, it was a God moment because it caused her to reflect on her own relationship with God. “How does God feel when he desires to be with us and we respond, sometimes in front of others, ‘Bye, God.’ Perhaps we think to ourselves, ‘Not now’ or ‘Not in front of my friends’ or ‘I do not want to be out of my comfort zone’ or ‘What will people think?’ Does God feel rejected, slighted, or hurt like I did when I was so glad to see my son and he wanted me to go away? Perhaps we reject God without even realizing it.”

Another person tells of how a random phone call to a hotel led to an opportunity to talk about her faith with a man who desperately needed to hear it. She writes, “I was totally moved by this experience. God can use us at any time if we just make ourselves available. I’m sure that man’s wife has been praying for him for years. With God all things are possible. So I’m praying for that man and asked me to contact me at any time.”

“God Moments” is a testament to the many ways God works in our lives. God loves each of us so much. “Share in the delight God has for every person He created. His works are constantly on display and there is a show going on every moment. Admission is always free.” “God Moments” will encourage you to be more open to His plan for your own life and to see Him at work in your daily life. It is a beautiful book that will do much good.

--Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur is a homeschooling mom, freelance writer, and author of Letters to Mary from a Young Mother. She has a BA in History and Fine Art and a Master of Arts Degree in Applied Theology. Patrice is the editor of Spiritual Woman,

"Even devout believers sometimes feel that God remains somewhere far away, distant and uninvolved in their daily lives. But, as Michele Bondi Bottesi suggests in her book God Moments, God draws near in everyday situations. When one opens one’s eyes, one can see God at work—providing, caring, and teaching.

In a collection of short devotional stories, Bondi Bottesi and her fellow contributors share how mundane activities such as cooking, helping at a child’s school, or even doing laundry may become opportunities for God to speak into a life. A leaky washing machine, for example, tries her patience, but ultimately teaches her to see God’s gifts; frustrated attempts to donate toys ultimately show her that God works when she cooperates with his plans. These “God moments” may challenge, encourage, or simply teach. And they may come through friends, animals, saints, unexpected events, or everyday miracles.

Bondi Bottesi begins by sharing how God works in little things, but she gradually reveals how he is near during the trials of life, such as when life- long dreams are dashed, a loved one dies, or one faces a serious illness. These “God moments” are not trivial. And, Bondi Bottesi says, while God certainly shows up during religious services, unless one watches and listens for God at work throughout each day, one will miss many lessons and lose an intimate connection with him. Bondi Bottesi gently urges readers to realize that God longs for real relationship, not just rote religious service or knowledge.

A psychologist, Bondi Bottesi has published several articles and books, all rooted in her deep Catholic faith. Her writing reflects her calling as a mother and her passion for her faith, both of which make this book accessible. The stories all come from her real-life experiences or those of her fellow contributors. The breadth of stories and writers not only ensure that the book will be relatable to a number of readers, but also demonstrates that Bondi Bottesi’s main message can prove true in believer’s life.

Catholics like Bondi Bottesi will be inspired and challenged by this book, which celebrates the intimate faith many adherents crave. But because the book assumes familiarity with the Catholic tradition, non-Catholics may find occasional references to Catholic dogma and ritual a slight stumbling block. However, any Christian believer uninhibited by Catholic theology will also appreciate this discovery of God in the everyday."

-Diane Gardner, ForeWord Reviews
Review date: September 2010

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