Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Award-Winning Teen Catholic Authors Join Jerry Weber on "The Catholic Revolver"

They discuss the youth apostolate and remind us that each one of us is loved, wanted, and necessary.
Click on the link to listen to the show.
It's life-changing radio!

Alyssa, Andre, and Nick on the battlefield,
leading by example.

Love leads to life!

Andre and Nick discuss co-authoring books for their peers,
which remind young people that they are loved immeasurably
and have a God-given mission.

The apostolate message is a pro-life message,
for no one was ever created
unloved, unwanted, and without a purpose.

God is at work in our young people!

We are called to love heroically.

Be a role model for young people.

God is at work in you!