Monday, September 20, 2010

Jesus Wants to be Received by Each One of Us

Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity: He comes where He is welcomed.

I am not kidding you. This is how it went down.

More than five years ago but less than ten, my children and I moved into our new home. The name of our street has Mary in it. St. Joseph helped us find the house.

Just a few years before that, while we still lived at our other home, the good Lord invited me to attend daily Mass. He didn't command me to attend. Instead, He gently and very lovingly invited me. Even though I was a cradle Catholic, and strange as seems to me in hindsight, attending daily Mass was not something I had ever thought about or considered. However, I did have a great desire to draw closer to God, so participating in Holy Mass each day made so much sense!

One day soon after we moved into our current home, I happened to look at the big tree in the backyard. I so enjoyed being in the yard and looking at all the trees, plants, and flowers. I kid you not, there on the trunk I saw the image of a chalice. Behind the chalice was another chalice, and behind it was another one, and behind that one was another one, etc. The chalices went on forever. It was sort of like the effect you see when looking at an object reflected from one mirror into another; the image seems to go on forever.

I knew this for certain: God wanted me to receive not only the Body of Christ during Holy Communion, He also wanted me to receive His Precious Blood. Again, it seems strange now, but I had never even considered it.

Not long after that I was working at my computer and there on the screen was the command to type the words that were visible in the box in order to proceed. The words were "cup blood."

When God knows I am in need of confirmation or clarification, He always confirms what He wants me to do.

Does He do that with you as well? How has He invited you into greater Divine intimacy? Was that something that you, too, never even considered doing until He brought it up?

God our Father is always present in our lives loving us, guiding us, consoling us, and helping us, as a loving Father would.

Just last year I was at a funeral, and during Holy Communion, after receiving Jesus' Body, I approached the person holding the chalice with His Precious Blood. As I raised the chalice, something happened that I had never before encountered. Warmth emanated from the chalice, and I could feel that warmth on my face.

Later I shared the experience with a dear friend and Marian Catechist, and asked her what it meant. She replied, "He is living."

Jesus wants to come to each one of us,
Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity,
during Holy Communion.

Accept the tremendous love God has for you.
Receive our loving Savior worthily in Holy Communion.
Then, share His love with others.

God is at work in you!