Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bakery and the Missing Book

The extraordinary ministry of Sean McVeigh is changing lives in the most amazing ways!

This morning I went to a local bakery to work for a while and answer some correspondences. After approaching the counter to order a cup of coffee, the manager asked me if I had left a book there previously. As I wondered for a moment if I was missing a book, she asked if I was missing a book by Sean McVeigh.

Immediately I smiled, knowing that the book was mine. She said it was inscribed in the front "To Michele." We both smiled some more as I acknowledged that the book was indeed mine. Then she told me that she read the book and loved it! I knew that this was another God moment as we both agreed that the book was so good. The clerk watched our exchange during this very powerful moment and patiently waited for me to order. The moment seemed to important to interrupt!

There was more. The manager informed me that the book was not there. She said, "I know I'm not Catholic but I gave it to someone in my youth group to read. Is that okay?" I was even more delighted to learn that the book was changing hands so quickly and people were finding it so meaningful, just as I had.

I don't think I will be getting that book back. I hope the youth group keeps it, and passes it around. Sean's book is that good. Again she asked me if it was okay that she had shared the book with someone else. I was all smiles, and assured her that it was.

My children and I had the pleasure of meeting Sean McVeigh at the Catholic Marketing Network's International Trade Show in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania last month. He sure was a standout as the author of four books (he just released a fifth book) and as a dynamic Catholic public speaker.

He shared with us a little about his ministry and his own experience which he shares in I've Got To Change.

After finally ordering a cup of coffee, I sat down at a table and sent a message to Sean on Facebook, informing him of what had just transpired. Sean gave all the credit to God, who loves each one of us so very much and connects with us in the most amazing ways.

I will be writing more about Sean's books in the future. For now, here is Sean's interview on Catholic TV:

Sean's books are:

I've Got To Change
Will You Spread My Word For Me?
What's My Vocation?
Self-Knowledge Self-Awareness

and his newest release:

Becoming A World-Class Hunter,
Taking Your Skills to the Next Level!

Jerry Weber with guest Sean McVeigh on

Sean's website:

What a privilege it is to know Sean, who is doing such incredible work for God's glory. I highly recommend Sean's books as life-changing reading.

God is at work in, in each one of us.