Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letters to Priests, Thanking the Men of the Catholic Church: an Interactive Book Designed to Provide Support for Catholics

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By Anne Hughes, Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Letters to Priests, Thanking The Men of the Catholic Church is an interactive book designed to provide support for Catholics. The book is a collection of inspiring stories from around the world. The stories highlight the significant role a Catholic Priest played in the lives of Catholics who felt honored and compelled to share their stories with others in hopes of encouraging and promoting Vocations. Contributions of letters are still being accepted.

You may submit a letter to and will receive an email back from Anne Hughes. Anne and her sister Teena will help you edit your story and encourage you to share details of your struggles so that Catholics and non-Catholics may share in your recovery from grief to joy.

You may read several stories on the website. The letters are testimonials of the often overlooked benefit of providing your children with an opportunity to turn to their faith in every corner of the world. Stories of college students facing surgery alone and scared pick up a phone and call a priest who stays at their bedside, half a world away from their family.

Stories of priests who listen to our pain, and reach into their soul for words to relieve us of guilt, shame, anger, and disappointment in ourselves. These healing words are being shared, often years later, in a testimonial of their strength and healing kindness.

Please share your story and thank the priest who reached into his soul in an effort to heal you. Your healing journey during a divorce or grief from the loss of a loved one my provide inspiration to those not ready to talk with a priest about their own pain. Your story may encourage someone considering the priesthood. Your story may save the life of someone who has traveled in your shoes, but does not currently have the strength of the Catholic Church behind them.

Join us, write your story, and share the strength of our faith during such dire economic times. Our friends and neighbors need encouraging words. Priests need to be reminded their efforts have impacted our lives. This is a gift from the laity. We are the strength of the Catholic Church. Live up to it.

"The priesthood is the sublimest dignity

that God can confer on a human being."

Fr. John Hardon

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