Friday, September 24, 2010

Looking For Life-Changing Reading During Life's Changes? Find it Here!

Daddy-isms of Divorce
Brian M. Dittmer
Amazon Kindle/$5.99; 5570 words.

Daddy-isms of Divorce by Brian M. Dittmer is a very useful survival guide for any father going through a divorce. This book has just the right blend of compassion, humor, and wisdom, making it pleasant to read despite the painful subject matter.

Brian covers topics such as how to handle issues with one’s wife or ex-wife, dealing with the legal system, protecting your children, maintaining a physically and emotionally healthy environment through transition, and recapturing joy.

Brian’s helpful, well-balanced tips and suggestions are right on the mark. Anyone looking to provide vital support and encouragement to a dad during a very difficult time will certainly accomplish that goal by giving him Daddy-isms of Divorce.

Looking for life-changing reading? Find it here!

-Michele Bondi Bottesi, author, psychologist