Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Roseann Nieman Returns To Create The Cover of "A New Voice For A Broken Soul" by Paul A. Ray

We are so blessed and absolutely delighted to have Roseann working with us again, this time on special assignment to create the cover of Paul's life-changing book.

A peek at a portion of the front cover.

A New Voice For A Broken Soul continues to move through the various stages toward publication.

Award-winning book design, layout, and packager Erin Howarth of DDM publications worked with Paul to create an interior design that compliments the exceptional content. Paul has an extraordinary way with words, because he is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Nancy Carabio Belanger, from award-winning publishing company Harvey House Publishing, professionally copy edited the text.  John-Paul Belanger is also a vital member of the team who read through the book and offered his invaluable suggestions.

Currently, Paul is making his final revisions to the manuscript.  As he does so, award-winning graphic designer Roseann Nieman, from Niemanart Graphics, is working to integrate text, photos, Paul's concept design, and the magnificent image created by photographer Mike Nykoruk of Highlight Studios, to produce an exceptional cover.

Fr. Ben Kosnac is another vital member of our publishing team, and we are grateful to him as well for helping recreate the scene for the cover image, which is based upon an extraordinary event that occurs in the book.   

The excitement is building as the team gets closer to completing A New Voice For A Broken Soul

Paul's life-changing book will be published spring, 2012.

A portion of the front cover image.

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