Monday, February 20, 2012

God Is At Work In You: To The Ends Of The Earth, Until The End Of Time

Many exciting things are in the works for precious, immortal souls.

JKP is very excited to be working with Ted Lang of Advantage Info Systems as its official website is redesigned to fit its mission. Ted has almost twenty years of experience building websites and his input is greatly appreciated. Things change around here very quickly!  The new site will be operational soon. 

Work continues on the official brochure for True Love Leads To Life, and delightfully, Servant of God, Fr. John A. Hardon has stepped up and helped move things along very nicely.  How appropriate, and delightful, as work progresses on the trailer to precede the documentary film on his extraordinary life, mission, and legacy.  Today, more information was sent to JKP's fine collaborator, accomplished writer and director Jason Salyers of Converse Marketing.

Stories are still being compiled for God Moments III:  True Love Leads To Life.  The book will be made up entirely of pro-life stories.  JKP hopes to have this groundbreaking book available by October.  For two years running, a God Moments book as been released at the time of St. Therese's feast day, and the hope is to keep that lovely tradition going.  God Moments IV, as yet untitled, is also in development for 2013.  It will be filled with delightful stories of encounters and interactions with the saints, our friends and intercessors in heaven.

The next generation of Catholic publishers, Joseph Karl Publishing and Harvey House Publishing, continue work on their spring/summer 2012 catalog.  A winter/spring catalog is currently available.  Looking for exceptional quality, award-winning life-changing reading?  You will find it here. 

Award-winning graphic designer Roseann Nieman of Niemanart Graphics continues her work on the cover of Paul A. Ray's soon to be released book, A New Voice For A Broken Soul.  Currently, Paul is making his final revisions to the manuscript.  A release date will be announced soon.

JKP continues to share Catholic images that inspire, encourage forgiveness and healing, defend human life and dignity, promote continuing faith formation throughout the lifespan and around the world, and guide precious, eternal souls to Christ.  Such images are very necessary and seriously lacking.  Ted Lang is a valuable consultant as JKP prepares to make such greatly needed, and beautiful, Catholic images available.

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