Thursday, February 23, 2012

Every Single Person's Mission Includes Defending Human Life And The Majesty Of God

"Help that kills isn't help at all."

~True Love Leads To Life

Work continues on True Love Leads To Life's official brochure, as Joseph Karl Publishing expands its pro-life invitation collection.  All are encouraged to copy and share the images with others around the world.  

True Love Leads To Life's material will draw from authentic Catholic Church teaching,  Fr. John A. Hardon's material, and Pope John Paul II's pro-life work. The official brochure will be available soon for copying, and sharing. 

"If we do not teach people that abortion is wrong, 
others may convince them that murder is right."

~True Love Leads To Life

Updates will be available here, 
and on True Love Leads To Life's Facebook page. 

God, the Creator of Life, is pro-life. 

Are you?