Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Power of a Pin

by Maribeth Criscenti, 40 Days for Life Coordinator, Sterling Heights, Michigan

One Friday, after a very emotional morning of family issues, I stopped to cheer myself up with ice cream. Who doesn't smile when they have ice cream??!! As I was looking at the tempting selections (and also fighting my good angel who told me "you don't need ice cream"), the young man who was the ice cream scooper kept looking at me -- bending and leaning over, straining to look at my left shoulder.

I thought, oh my, what is on me? We are painting at home, so maybe a big glob of yellow is on me! The young man finally asked "Excuse me, I'm trying to read what your pin says." Then it dawned on me -- I wear my "Pray to End Abortion" pin on all my coats and I forget that I have it on. (Whew! It wasn't paint!) He asked me if I had any extra pins. I didn't, but gave him the one on my coat.

We talked for approximately 15 minutes about how pro-life his mother is and how she has five children. His mother had a problem pregnancy with his sister and the doctors told her to consider abortion; she refused and his sister was born early, weighing one pound. Today, she is 19 years old. He was so excited to bring the pin home to his mom (actually, he wanted to put it on but was afraid he would get in trouble...I told him to keep it in his pocket until he got home). We talked about 40 Days for Life and where he could get more information nationally and locally.

There was a girl behind the counter who was listening to I pray she gleaned from our conversation. I did end up leaving with a smile and a small pumpkin ice cream, and the sweet young man refused to charge me or take a tip. Thank You Jesus for the opportunity to speak about Your gift of LIFE! 1

The next campaign takes place
March 9 - April 17, 2011
and will be conducted in more than 140 cities
in 38 US states, 4 Canadian provinces and 3 Australian states.

1. Written and Compiled by Michele Elena Bondi, More God Moments (Rochester, MI: Joseph Karl Publishing, June 2011).
Photos: 40 Days for Life.