Thursday, February 3, 2011

Legalized Abortion's Days Are Numbered

We are closer than we think.

Loving each other in imitation of Christ will finally end this greatest crime against humanity the world has ever known.

The end of legalized abortion is in sight,
and can be accomplished very soon,
by our living and loving in imitation of Christ,
moment by moment.

Make every kindness and act of love
an offering to our most loving God
for an end to abortion
and in reparation for every one that has been committed.

Offer up every sacrificial labor of love
to stop future abortions from occurring.

Keep praying for a peaceful end to abortion,
and that all those who participate
in this crime against humanity
see this grave injustice for what it is.

God commanded us, "Thou shalt not kill!"

Pray for those who have been harmed by abortion
and need healing.

Legalized abortion's days are numbered in America.
We are very, very close.

Give generously.
Live morally.
Love constantly.

Baby Andre reaching out to his mother.

True love leads to life.

Each of us can make and is making a difference!

Love even more.

God is at work in you.