Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered Who God Is Exactly?

Do you know of the very special place where you can find out?

Have you ever asked God Who He is exactly?
Have you ever asked Him to show you Who He is?

These are very wonderful questions to ask, for such inquiries mean that we are striving for greater intimacy with the Divine.

Who is God, and where can we find Him?

I have been asking God in prayer to reveal to me Who He is. I already know where He can be found, and constant proof of His loving existence is granted to us every single day. The proof cannot be missed for it is all around us! My request did not involve doubt, but rather was the result of my heart's desire to know Him more and be closer to Him.

He is found within His living Word.

How to receive Him.

He can be found in the Blessed Sacrament,
Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

Where to obtain His mercy.

He is found in His house.

He can be found anywhere and everywhere,
for He is not limited to time and space.

For many days He remained silent as I prayed,
and then when I was suffering,
He told me that I would come to know Him well
by joining Him on the Way of the Cross.

We come to know God in a very deeply personal way
when we live in imitation of the suffering Christ.

Walk in union with Him.

Keep forgiving.

Live morally, love heroically.

Allow His will to be accomplished through you.

Accept, return, and share
the eternal and immeasurable love
He has for you!

Believe in miracles.

May we be comforted in knowing
that through our trials
we come to know Who God is
in a very, very special way.

God is at work, in each one of us.

"He knows your name, and He loves you."
~Fr. Corapi