Monday, November 29, 2010

Serve God By Blogging

What a fun and creative way to encourage, inspire, inform, and lead souls to Christ.

Blogging is a very powerful tool for evangelizing, teaching, and witnessing our phenomenal Catholic faith.

Since I started writing “God is at Work in You” in early 2009, people from all over the world have arrived on this site, almost twenty thousand times. The blog was created to encourage, inspire, and continue the faith formation of the more than one billion Catholics around the world, and to lead precious souls to Christ.

There are so many ways we are called to bring Christ to others through every minute of every day. Our living in imitation of Christ matters not only for our own eternal soul but also for the souls of our brothers and sisters.

Blogging is one means to that end. Through these various blog postings, readers are encouraged to love and live heroically. They are encouraged to always try to see things from God’s perspective while trusting in Him through all circumstances. Hopefully visitors leave the blog encouraged with the knowledge that they are loved and valued beyond measure, and realize more fully that their lives have great purpose. May visitors be encouraged because none of our efforts on behalf of God are ever in vain, no expression of love is ever lost, and no money ever spent in His name is ever wasted.

If you feel that you are being called to serve God by blogging, do it! Reject any false notions that you need this or that in order to proceed. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide, love much, learn, and have much fun along the way.

To pique your interest, here are just some of the categories followed by exact search terms used by individuals who have landed on “God is at Work in You” from all over the globe:

On why we should go to Holy Mass

The question of why we should go to Holy Mass comes up often from people in every geographic region. Perhaps the quest was for more information, or even affirmation as they respond to God’s loving invitation. Perhaps the goal was to find information to share with someone else.

Search terms have included:

Why should I go to Mass?
Why should I attend Mass?
How often do Catholics in other countries go to Mass?
Why should you go to Mass?
I go to Mass because…
Why children should go to Mass
What should I do when I can't go to Mass
Save someone's life with a Mass
Does God love people who don’t go to Mass?
When God calls you to communion
Stories about people who go to Mass
People going to church and praying inside the church
Pictures of people attending the Holy Mass

Many have landed on the blog post written by my 16 year old son Andre, “Why Should I Go to Mass?!!”

The video “Will God Still Love Me if I Don’t Go to Holy Mass?” has also had many viewers.


Many, many people arrive on "God is at Work in You!" looking for specific prayers. People search for effective prayers for certain situations and prayers that request specific things. Many have arrived searching for novenas and prayers to specific saints.

Some of those search terms:

Novena to remove hatred of a person
Novenas that work
Prayer for jobless youth
Miraculous medal, etc.: does it work?
Pray to the saint that helps you get things done
St. Anthony prayer to obtain favors
Has a prayer ever saved someone’s life?
Novena prayer to St. Anthony to find a spouse
Novena prayer to change a person’s life
Does the (name of novena here) work?
Prayers to find work
Powerful novenas for the unemployed
The most powerful prayer to get favors
Devotion for preteens who don't know Jesus

Most effective prayer request to the Blessed Mother Mary
Novena prayers
Saints for urgent prayers for money
Urgent needs for money
What saint to pray for when you love someone
I want to pray to St. Anthony
Prayer for safe rescue (miners)
St. Andrew Novena testimonials
How to pray for favors from God

Every November and December, many people arrive looking for the powerful St. Andrew Novena to Obtain Favors. People also search for information on preparing our hearts for Advent, preparing children for Advent, and other Advent and Christmas related topics, for instance “Feast of St. Nicholas activities.”

God at work in our lives

This is another popular search topic. Specific searches from all over the world have included:

God moments life changing
Ways to demonstrate before others how God is at work
How do you know you love God?
What ways does God work in someone’s life
How does God work in someone’s life
God at work
Teaching teens the Catholic faith
When God calls you
How God has been at work in you
God is at work
How God is working in my life
God at work in my life
Trusting God for a miracle no matter how bleak it appears
How can I love God more?
In what ways is God at work among us?
God is at work even when we don’t see it
The Eucharist is our treasure
God works at midnight
How does love save someone?
God works in pain
God can resurrect your dreams
Love God more
When God works behind the scenes
Find God in the workplace and happiness
What do you do when GOD CALLS YOU
God, I appreciate Your work
Catholic coaching with Christ
Love God more how
To speak a word in someone's life
Be wise to spend our time.
Making good use of God’s time
Feeling like God is at work

Many people arrive looking for something significant to say or do for a wide variety of special occasions for adults and also for children, such as a child's milestone or tenth, eleventh, twelfth, etc. birthday, or for a child's First Communion or Confirmation. Others have searched "Happy Father's Day to my confession Father" and "Happy Father's Day our priest."

People arrived searching for information on the rosary, brown scapular, saints on their feast days, and on teaching children about faith and morality.

Many people arrived looking for information about St. Anthony and the Infant of Prague.

One day I read a very powerful article in a newsletter from Heartbeat International, and obtained permission to include it in a blog. Within hours, an individual in Europe came upon that blog posting after doing an internet search for where to obtain an abortion in their town. Perhaps a life was saved.

Surfers continue to land on “God is at Work in You!” looking for information about the pro-life movement. A favorite blog posting of mine is the short, informative, inspiring, and life-changing videos of Fr. Frank Pavone, the National Director of Priests for Life.

Not long ago, someone arrived on this blog after searching for “What will you do when you are 23, unemployed, divorced and had abortion.”

One day, I received this message from a woman: I just couldn't believe what I was seeing and had to share it with you! Today I wrote a blog about a question I have. I am wondering if God is asking me a question. Then this evening I came across your blog from today? The blog asked, "What is God asking you;" this seemed unreal! Was it God working?? The blog helped with some of my own thoughts! THANKS for sharing.

Blogs reach out to those who need and/or seek Truth, and to those who are in need of love and healing (aren't we all?).

Blogs also provide us with the opportunity to help others with their mission. Postings can include book, music, and movie reviews of others' work. They can also inform people about what is happening in the world. Blogs can be very influential!

Consider blogging! Blogs do not just involve one’s own writing, but can include video, audio, others' work used with permission, quotes from books, interviews, and/or pictures.

What a creative, dynamic, and fun way to serve God and one another.

Serve God by blogging.

God is at work in you!