Monday, December 23, 2013

Wishing You and Yours a Very Peaceful, Joyful, and Holy Christmas

God is so in love with you!

Joseph Karl Publishing's gift to you is all the profoundly Catholic material on its website to date, which is always available to all without charge, including the very latest additions:

Eight Advent lessons from the Sacred Heart of the One who loves you more than you can ever imagine, along with more than thirty meditations on Christ's Passion that were compiled to create the forthcoming book, Meditating on Christ's Passion: A Profoundly Catholic Advent.


Award-winning history author and Catholic author Anthony Yanik's new book, Conversion! has just
returned from professional copy-editing by Erin Howarth at DDM Publications, and Tony reports that the book looks great.  He will read through the book to ensure that everything is as it should be before the book moves on to the next stage before publication. 

As Tony's edited book was on its way back to him, Meditating on Christ's Passion by award-winning Catholic author Michele Bondi Bottesi, with the Foreword and Conclusion by Father John Simoneau, was sent to Erin for professional copy editing, book packaging, and book design as Roseann Nieman at works on the covers of both books.

Things are still on track to have both Coversion! and Meditating on Christ's Passion available in time for Lent 2014.

Both books will be available for free in PDF format in English on Joseph Karl Publishing's website, so please keep your eyes out for them, and keep checking back to see what is new, for you!

In the meantime, take a mini-retreat from wherever you are!

Visit JKP's website and enjoy the award-winning and free material including books, articles, images, audio meditations, and video, all created for you to help you fall deeply in love with the Love of your eternal life.  He is so in love with you!!