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The Lord Surprises Joseph Karl Publishing with Twins, Just For You

The team prepares two profoundly meaningful books to be released early in 2014, just in time for Lent.

Joseph Karl Publishing was absolutely delighted, and also surprised, to welcome accomplished history author and painter Anthony Yanek to the team in the second half of 2013. At that time, Tony had just completed the manuscript for his first Catholic book, Conversion.

Not long after that, Jesus assigned the book Meditating on Christ's Passion which is being written by award-winning Catholic author Michele Bondi Bottesi.  The Foreword for the book will be written by Father John Simoneau, Associate Pastor at Ss. Cyril and Methodius Slovak Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. Father John is an excellent homilist and is so profoundly Catholic;  the team at JKP is thrilled to be collaborating with him as well.

Both both books have entered the publication process.

The "twins" are the precious fruit of Divine union and creation.  To learn more, visit "Divine Union and Creation."

"Trust all things to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary, Help of Christians, and you will see what miracles are."  ~ Saint John Bosco


Tony's first book of Catholic fiction, titled Conversion, is a delightful and educational story the reader will savor from cover to cover.  The book's eagerly anticipated arrival in print and electronic format is timely as the Lord calls His devout faithful to help restore His Church.

Joseph Karl Publishing is delighted to be expecting its second set of twins.  


The draft of the back cover text for Conversion: 

                Imagine Father Rick Martin’s surprise, and dismay, when he learned that his very first parish assignment after his ordination was to temporarily replace the pastor of St. Francis, a small rural church in mid Michigan reported to be one of the more liberal parishes in the Saginaw, Michigan diocese. It appears the reputation was well earned thanks to a Sister Agatha, head of the parish Liturgical Commission, whose tinkering with the Mass liturgy with the pastor’s approval had resulted in a number of complaints to the bishop.

                Father Rick, a graduate of the prestigious Pontifical North American College in Rome, had expected a much more noble assignment. A subsequent meeting with Bishop Ted Krolick did little to calm his ruffled feathers.  As the bishop explained, “I’m asking you to go into a parish which has taken a number of wrong turns in the mass liturgy and correct them , without alienating the pastor. I can’t afford to lose him or others like him simply because they have been misguided. Well, how about it?”
                 “That’s a pretty tall order!” blurted the young priest, hoping the bishop would not notice his grimace. 
                “Not for the right man,” grinned Bishop Krolick. 

                Father Rick’s enthusiasm sagged. So why do I feel as if I had just been dropped into a pit of vipers? he wondered. That same feeling gnawed at him the following weekend as he said his first Holy Mass at St. Francis and a handsome middle-aged couple brought up the gifts. To his utter surprise they handed him a gold paten on which sat a large loaf of baked bread. There were no unconsecrated hosts in sight. 

Now what do I do?  He wondered.  This was only the first of several challenges the priest encountered Sister Agatha as the week progressed. Oddly enough, turning the tables on her was a game he was beginning to relish, until she suddenly pulled off the unexpected and God himself had to intervene.


                Anthony Yanik is the award-winning author of four books on Michigan history and a member of the Catholic Writers Guild.  His last book, The Fall and Recapture of Detroit in the War of 1812, was named Outstanding Michigan History Publication for the year 2012.  

          Anthony is a graduate of the University of Detroit and retired General Motors speech writer.  The offbeat liturgical practices that he and his wife sometimes encountered at Sunday masses when on the road prompted him to use those experiences as the basis of this novel of confrontation and conversion involving a young priest and a parish with a liberal nun and pastor.


From the tentative back cover of Meditating on Christ's Passion (it's way too long but we'll share the whole thing because it's so PROFOUNDLY Catholic):

Spend precious, intimate time every day with Jesus meditating on His Passion and on your Redemption.  Look into the loving and merciful eyes of Christ as He offers His Sacred Body up for us, and see things in a whole new way.  

See a pillar transformed into a pedestal, an execution rope into an alb's girdle (rope), a center isle into the Way of the Cross, bread into God, and wine into the Precious Blood of our Redeemer.

See a church transformed into Calvary, Communion into creation, chaos into order, an impaled Heart into a refuge, hearts into tabernacles, one drop of Blood into salvation, silence into intimate conversation, and the Daily Sacrifice of the Mass into every soul's wedding.

See wounds transformed into reparation, the blind into visionaries, the ignorant into mystics, the timid into great warriors, a valley of tears into heavenly joy, and a prie-dieu  into a place of mercy at the foot of the Cross.

See deep into eternity as words come to life.  See the gates of heaven open wide as the condemned are granted freedom by an innocent Man nailed to a Cross.

See sorrow transformed into meaning, apathy into devotion, hate into love, darkness into light, pain into pleasure, time into forever, pride into humility, selfishness into charity, doubt into belief, the hungry into the satisfied, last place into the most coveted place, possessions into burdens, and a path lined with the Blood of a Lamb into a journey toward God.

See a chapel transformed into the Garden, Sacred Blood into the seeds of faith, the faithless into farmers and fishermen, profoundly Catholic teaching into nets, and petitions into keys, which hands joined in prayer use to unlock the chains of souls held captive by the devil.  

See sinners transformed into saints, the forgotten into the remembered, and those considered by the world to be the most worthless, powerless, useless, and penniless into phenomenal channels of grace for the massive conversion of sinners.


Both books head to graphic design tomorrow morning as the authors team up with award-winning graphic designer Roseann Nieman of Niemanart Graphics in Rochester Hills, Michigan, U.S.A. to discuss images, text, bios, colors, placement, and fonts for two front and back covers and two spines.

The decisions for interior book layout and design have already been made for Conversion. 

As Conversion and Meditating on Christ's Passion make their way through the publication process, Joseph Karl Publishing and its film division, Apostolate Films, continue to write articles, create images, and produce audio, just for you. New material is added throughout each week on JKP's 'New, Just for You!' page, so keep checking back to see what's new, for you! 

Profoundly Catholic audio meditations for you.  Enjoy!

Recording in the studio for Apostolate Films, and for you. 

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