Wednesday, July 11, 2012

'A New Voice For A Broken Soul' To Share God's Unfathomable Love And Mercy With Other Broken Souls

Following a five hour meeting to ensure the contents are just right, Paul A. Ray's life-changing story heads to print.
From the back cover:
 “The calling of Paul to the altar is the matter of most importance, as his life will be lost if he does not come into obedience now... The call on his life has been confirmed; lead him to the place of rest, and all will be
taken from him...”
 Excerpts from the book:
"From my 21st birthday on I consumed mostly hard liquor, every day.  It tasted awful but it got the job done became such a habit that I couldn't imagine my life without it.  In fact, the odd thing is it felt as if I were "drunk" when I was actually sober...My tolerance skyrocketed and I soon learned that I needed more and more alcohol to achieve the same effects.  but, at this point in my life, I needed alcohol simply to survive. "
"As my consumption of alcohol increased, I began to experience its side effects in a real way - not only in my relationships with the people around me and with my job, but also concerning my own health." 
"'Are you Paul?  Paul Ray?'...He proceeded to tell me all about my condition.  He knew about my addiction, as if God Himself were speaking through him.  He asked me if it would be all right for them to pray for me.  With tears and a sense of true gratefulness, I agreed without hesitation."
"...I felt something leave me.  A weight was immediately lifted.  It was as if I were literally a new creation...And best of all, I was absolutely flooded with an overpowering, pure, undefiled love.  It engulfed my entire being. I knew that I actually meant something to someone.  I felt as if I were placed on a pedestal before the very angels of heaven and marveled at."
"The strange that I was not even praying for deliverance.  Perhaps other people were, but if we're honest with ourselves, how often does God really perform physical miracles?  This singular episode in my life speaks volumes of what God has called me out to do in life...I had but little faith and had given up on God.  Nevertheless, He reached out in love even when I basically spat in His face! "
"I recalled watching Holy Mass on Catholic television and being captivated by the prayers said during the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  They were so beautiful and they contained something so deep the likes of which I had never heard before."
~Paul A. Ray
Shooting the front cover at Highlights Studios on a set built by photographer Mike Nykoruk
"I was standing in the aisle in the back of the church and Mary, covered in light and appearing almost transparent, was about ten or fifteen rows in front of me standing among a bunch of little children.
" These children were all laughing, playing, and hugging Mary, while I just watched all of this play out. I then approached her myself, once all the children left, and just stood next to her. 
"She was looking intently at the altar the whole time." 
~ Paul A. Ray,  A New Voice For A Broken Soul 
   Author Paul A. Ray and publisher Michele Bondi Bottesi 
make final revisions to the manuscript July 10, 2012

"There have been a few other occasions where I have come to know Our Lady on a more personal level...they have led me closer to Jesus Christ...Mary has such a beautiful way of drawing us toward her Son."

~Paul A. Ray 

 A final look through the manuscript
Paul's beautiful cover will be released shortly.  The book will debut on Amazon Kindle soon and will be available in print September 2012.
Many friends in heaven helped out along the way,
including little Nellie

 Taking a final look at Paul's manuscript
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