Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Want What God Wants

We are wise not to reject that which is given to us for our greater good.

If you were told that God wanted to give you a gift
and that gift was going to help you get to heaven,
where you would be in the loving presence of God
for all of eternity (that's a long time),
what do you imagine you would do with that gift?

Would you throw something so important in the garbage?

Or would you put it in a safety deposit box
and ask for it to be brought to your bedside
when your mission on earth ends
and you pass into eternity?

Would you treasure it
and value it
and spend your life trying to comprehend it's true worth?

Would you care for it?

What if you knew that receiving this gift
would cost you much
and require that you spend your life sacrificially,
in imitation of Christ?

Would you still be willing to accept this gift,
with the understanding that it would help you
get to heaven?

Did you know that there is such a priceless gift,
given to us to help us get to heaven?

There is!

It charms us and challenges us,
while helping us to grow in sanctity.

It teaches us and cares for us in return,
and gives us the immeasurable opportunity
to be charitable and heroically loving.

This is one gift that must never be rejected!

Did you know that there is such a priceless gift?

This eternal gift from God is life itself.

Our children are of incalculable value to our eternal destiny.

Our children are gifts from God.

Welcome them,
value them,
care for them,
and thank God for them,
and they will help you get to heaven.

(happy smile)