Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Twelve Year Old's Perspective On The Movie COURAGEOUS

It's a winner!
This movie will inspire new dads as well as dads with grown children. Watching the movie changed my life, too, and I'm a girl! The story is about five dads and shows different situations dads face.

As a kid, I think dads should watch this movie because it helps them connect with their children and their wives. It may even help with problems in their families.

I think the movie is an award-winner; it is that good! It’s funny and is also very serious in parts. Girls, don’t worry; you can see it too! This is a family movie. It will help dads the most while basically helping the whole family. That’s why you should go see Courageous.

Have fun watching!

Alyssa Bottesi is an editor for Joseph Karl Publishing's youth division and is in the seventh grade.
A Teenager's Review of the Movie COURAGEOUS:


Courageous opens in theaters September 30, 2011.

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