Saturday, June 18, 2011

God Is At Work In Fr. John Corapi

"God love you, God bless you, and good-bye."

A statement from Fr. John Corapi
and a link to his new site:

This situation is another huge wake-up call for Americans to have a serious examination of conscience, and is a summons to return to morality on an individual and collective level. May we pray unceasingly for the conversion of sinners.

My children and I have also been victimized, for many years, in the United States court system. Through this injustice, I was astounded to learn how easy it is for anyone to use the justice system to harm innocent people. In fact, many people are skillfully manipulating the system and using it as a weapon. It is shocking how simple it is to convince the system that lies are facts, with absolutely no evidence to support one's claims. A huge problem for the innocent is the fact that the court system is seriously corrupted by greed, an unhealthy desire for notoriety at the expense of others, and the unbridled quest for power and control. I have spoken throughout the years to countless good people who have been persecuted this way. Many times the abuse continues for years, and there is no way to stop it as long as others find they profit from the situation.

Live in imitation of Christ.

The court is very sympathetic to accusers because they are well compensated, and because accusers bring others into the system who must also pay. Often people are forced to return because the system makes a conscious effort to decide nothing. When nothing is decided, people must return and when they return they must pay more. For the most part in my case, no judges, lawyers, counselors, mediators, and others brought in by the system were ever interested in finding out the truth. Truth was of no consequence, but winning at all costs was everything. As the means to this end, the rules of engagement are either not made clear or keep changing, and/or the language used is difficult to understand. It is very difficult for the truth to win against lies when evidence is of no consequence. The system also makes use of the intermittent reinforcement system so effective in modifying behavior. Once in a while one is allowed a small win, so perhaps one will take a chance in the future and initiate a case of one's own.

Eventually good people learn the reality of the situation and do all they can to stay away from such an evil, destructive place that consumes so much precious time and emotional and material resources.

In my nine years of experience with the justice system, I did not encounter one person I would trust with my wallet, let alone with my own personal welfare or the welfare of my family.

Many, many Americans have been and are being battered right now in this country by the evil one working through very troubled people who use the justice system as a weapon. Families and priests are favorite targets of our adversary's wrath and he uses the court system to divide, conquer, and destroy what is holy and good. Our beloved priests are very vulnerable to attack in this way, the assault is very simple to initiate, and the damage to the accused is brutal.

Having lived through it myself as a lay person, my heart goes out to the priests that have been falsely accused of misconduct. False allegations against anyone in any profession always come from the same source, satan, and when the goal is to destroy the accused, that is a clear indicator that the motives of the accuser(s) are not honorary. Even when persons are guilty of misconduct, the goal should never be to destroy people.

"He know your name, and He loves you." ~ Fr. John Corapi

I believe that God is using this very public situation to shed light on not only the grave injustice of falsely accusing people, but on all crimes against humanity, and to encourage us to pray unceasingly for the conversion of sinners. I am so very sorry Fr. Corapi is being persecuted so terribly in this way, but it shows his work has led and is leading many souls to Christ. Rest assured that there is no situation in which God is absent. May we keep our eternal focus on Him, the Just Judge.

I look forward to continuing growing closer to God with the help of his vital work. Thank you, John Corapi, for living, loving, and suffering in imitation of Christ. You are a priest forever. +