Thursday, April 21, 2011


Catholic publishing company continues to produce exceptional material that leads souls to Christ.


Media Advisory

ROCHESTER, MI (April 21, 2011) – Joseph Karl Publishing marked its second anniversary as the recipient of nine Royal Dragonfly Book Awards recognizing excellence in literature for its three newest titles, One Man’s Journey to Freedom: Escape From Behind the Iron Curtain, Our Treasure, and God Moments: Stories That Inspire, Moments to Remember. The most recent recognition gives the Catholic company a total of sixteen awards since being founded in 2009 to encourage, inspire, and continue the faith formation of the more than one billion Catholics worldwide and to lead souls to Christ.

Publisher Michele Bondi Bottesi is delighted that the company’s work has been honored in both the Catholic and secular publishing worlds. “All of our material emphasizes that God loves and values each person beyond measure, and reinforces the fact that every life has great dignity and purpose. The recognition helps lead precious souls to our work, which encourages individuals to grow in union with God while seeking to accomplish His will in their everyday lives.”

In addition to publishing exceptional quality, award-winning books, Joseph Karl Publishing produces short inspirational videos containing majestic Catholic images that are available on its website for viewing and sharing Two new additions to its website are the picture galleries God Is So In Love With Us and a pro-life picture gallery containing beautiful images that can be copied and shared (but not sold).

Recognizing the necessity of Catholics to cooperate on corporate and individual levels to facilitate the spreading of the Gospel message, Joseph Karl Publishing joined forces with Catholic company Harvey House Publishing, whose most recent release, Olivia’s Gift, was just honored with three Royal Dragonfly Book Awards. Publisher and award-winning author Nancy Carabio Belanger was already a vital member of the team, and the collaboration between the two companies has already accomplished much for God’s glory.

Catholic author, speaker, and newest team member Paul A. Ray concurs. “Just as the Living Body of Christ works as one with Christ Jesus as our Cornerstone, it is absolutely vital that we, in union with the Church, work as one in our universal call to be stewards of the mysteries of Christ in order to faithfully spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Joseph Karl Publishing continues its mission by spearheading the new pro-life movement True Love Leads to Life, an unprecedented, global, and peaceful mission of love led by Jesus Christ, whose purpose is to sanctify each person on an individual level while combining our efforts to end abortion and euthanasia, and to promote post-abortion healing for those in need People of all faiths are invited and encouraged to join the cause.

The Catholic publishing company continues to advance its work into its third year by publishing and producing exceptional material that serves as a beacon of hope in the lives of those whom our Lord leads its way.

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