Friday, December 31, 2010

In Honor of My Exceptional, Precious Children, One Final Post in 2010

Andre, Nick, and Alyssa, God is at work in you!

Andre, Nick, and Alyssa with Fr. Benjamin Kosnac
Christmas Eve, 2010

JKP's youth division hard at work earlier in the year.

The sweetest pixie fairy I know.

Thank heaven for altar boys!

Nick with his award-winning apostolate book for preteens.

Nick as St. Michael the Archangel

Andre with a picture of Fr. Hardon following the Mass
commemorating the 10th anniversary of his passing into eternal life,
held on December 30, 2010

Michele, Alyssa, and Nick
with a picture of Fr. Hardon, Servant of God,
the subject of Apostolate Film's new documentary
coming in 2011.

A movie on New Year's Eve.

Nick, Alyssa, and Andre with Fr. Brian Hurley
at a benefit this year.

Thank you, Andre, Nick, and Alyssa,
for responding to God's call
so heroically, unselfishly, nobly, and fully.

To those whom much has been given,
much is expected.

God is at work in you!

I love you forever,