Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: Servant of All DVD

December 15, 2010
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: Servant of All DVD

Be sure to see the one hour documentary film about this remarkable servant to the Eternal Galilean.

by Paul A. Ray and Michele Bondi Bottesi | Source:

“Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: Servant of All” is an hour-long documentary about one of the greatest and most loved communicators of the 20th century. Filled with powerful testimonies and beautiful stories that will bring a smile to your face and tears to your eyes, this documentary is sure to inspire audiences worldwide.” -Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation.

This superb documentary film on the life and legacy of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen begins with his birth in 1895 and continues well beyond his death in 1979 to the present day, as his incredible legacy continues to lead souls to Christ. The documentary highlights significant events from his evolving apostolate as an altar boy, student, priest, gifted preacher, teacher, author of 66 books, bishop, evangelist, radio and television personality, leader, missionary, and archbishop. Commentary is provided by individuals who knew him well and others who did not know him personally but were forever changed by the man and his mission.

God desires to do extraordinary things through ordinary people, and Archbishop Sheen was a living example of that. There is nothing more beautiful in life then beholding the very hand of almighty God working among His people, and witnessing firsthand the true meaning of authentic love of God and neighbor poured out through one of His humble servants. Archbishop Sheen provided and continues to provide us with vital testimony that life really is worth living!

Ss. Cyril and Methodius Slovak Catholic Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan hosted several screenings of the documentary film. Fr. Benjamin Kosnac, Pastor of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, commented, “I knew Bishop Fulton Sheen first only as an author of a few books that were translated into the Slovak language during the communist era, and I loved them! Through this DVD, I came to know not just the thoughts of a great writer, but the Archbishop himself, his life, his vocation, his gifts, and his crosses. I came to know an inspiring saint. And I love his person, rather than just the books, even more!”

The film answers the question “What does an authentic Christian look like?” Viewers were eager to share their thoughts about the documentary and their affection for the man. Barbara Plucinski said, “He was in my life for so long. This hit my heart. It makes me feel so close to him and I pray for him." Marge Wagner remarked, “I was in high school when he was on television, so I did watch him in those days. The documentary brought tears to my eyes. It was so incredibly inspiring!” Her husband, Chuck Wagner, called him one of the great saints of the 20th century and added, “It was a great movie! We need more of him today.”

Many viewers fondly reminisced about Archbishop Sheen’s television show. Beverly Zech remarked, “I remember my mother watching Bishop Sheen when I was very little.” Beverly still enjoys listening to him on CDs, and mentioned that she has been especially affected by his remarks on the sanctity of life. “How beautiful he spoke. He was humble enough to bring people back to the church. God’s name is mercy!”

“I am old enough to have watched him in his original series and what impresses me most is the time he spent before the Eucharist in prayer,” remarked Eleanor Plec. “As famous and gifted as he was, he realized, as we all should, that the greatest thing in our lives is our Lord, God Himself.” The documentary delicately pointed out, as Bob Makara noticed and appreciated, that due to all of his success the humble Archbishop was convicted of pride. Makara added, “I thought that was the best part of the documentary.” Another viewer pointed out that Archbishop Sheen was obedient to Christ’s call to humility and “didn’t use his pride in a selfish way, but used it to propagate what he believed, to bring good into the world.”

“I found it very inspiring. I love Archbishop Sheen. Everything he says pertains to us and what is going on in the world,” commented Therese Stout. Stefan Zima summed up the legacy of this remarkable man as presented in the documentary film by saying, “It was very deep. I liked how his thoughts, words, and actions became one in delivering the message of Christ to all of us."

Jason Salyars, the writer and director of the documentary, described working on the film as a remarkable honor and said, “Frankly, I can't get enough of him.” He asks that the countless people who feel the same way continue praying for Archbishop Sheen’s canonization. Be sure to view this very touching and inspirational documentary on the life of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, faithful servant to the Eternal Galilean, who remains a powerful role model and intercessor for us. Share it with others and watch it with the young people in your life. His example of always serving God, and of bringing Christ to other people, is well worth emulating.

The documentary is worth watching by people of all ages and faiths, because the extraordinary legacy of Archbishop Sheen speaks to each member of the human family. We are reminded that “…Christianity begins not with sunshine, but with defeat…” The documentary does a wonderful job demonstrating why the mission of this man, one of the greatest thinkers of the last century, matters to every single person. Viewers laughed with joy, were moved to tears, and left feeling closer to the man and to God. Several viewers expressed a deep desire to learn more from Archbishop Sheen.

God is still at work in Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, who continues to remind us of the immeasurable impact we make on the world when we live in imitation of Christ. William Mondy commented that we can renew our faith in our church by knowing him. “I get chills, goose bumps, and tears in my eyes every time I watch Life is Worth Living on EWTN.”

To watch the trailer of the documentary film, and to learn more about the Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation, visit: The film is available for screenings through the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Foundation; various licensing options are available. To host a screening, visit or call 877-71-Sheen.

The DVD is now available to the general public and can be purchased by writing, calling, or e-mailing the Archbishop Sheen Foundation at: The Archbishop Fulton Sheen Foundation, 419 NE Madison Ave., Peoria, IL, 61603; 877-71-SHEEN;

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