Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Very Special Father's Day Catch

An astonishing reminder that with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26) and that the love and leadership of our Fathers is vital for humanity.  Jesus appeals to the crucial importance of uniting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the merits of His Holy Face as mankind enters the Era of Reparation, and as Our Lord launches a profoundly Catholic rescue operation of souls in our time and through all time.

Jesus said to Sr. Mary of St. Peter, "By My Holy Face you will work wonders," and He still means it. 

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Today, on Father's Day, JKP presents an eternally valuable lesson on the importance of redemptive suffering, praying and sacrificing for our priests every day, and living sacramental lives of heroic virtue so that God can best use us as massive channels of superabundant grace for the benefit of all souls through all time.

While praying in church before Holy Mass begins, you suddenly feel your soul being plunged into the darkness.  Immediately you realize that our Lord is having you travel to the black abyss, where precious, priceless, and immortal souls are held in spiritual bondage.  You rapidly descend deep, deep into the black abyss as if traveling through layers.  Jesus is having you go into the blackest, most remote part of the abyss.  

What tremendous mercy;  our Lord is going to save more souls today!

You arrive there very quickly, and suddenly find yourself holding the monstrance from your parish, with the Blessed Sacrament inside of it above your head as a priest does with Christ’s Sacred Body and Precious Blood during the elevation.  

The Lord has you hold His Sacred Body, the greatest and most powerful source of grace with have on earth, as a great light before all the souls and spirits there.  

Jesus' Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist illuminates the darkness,  shatters it's destructive effects on souls, and disintegrates it.

You see that Blessed Mother is on your left, and Saint Joseph is to your right.

The light of Christ radiates from His Sacred Body in the monstrance as an incredibly powerful light and absolutely illuminated the darkest recesses of the black abyss where souls are kept in the most extreme darkness.  Christ’s Light illuminated the minds that were held captive there.

Another rescue operation has begun!  This is incredibly moving and astounding to witness.

You, and the monstrance, represent your parish’s mission to rescue precious, priceless, and immortal souls through all time via the Church's most powerful weapon, the Blessed Sacrament, the Body and Blood of Christ, the greatest source of grace we have on earth. 

The power of the Blessed Sacrament held up in the black abyss is so powerful that chains begin disintegrating from the souls held bound and held captive there, fall from them, and land on the floor of the church during the Tridentine Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  

You see broken chains all over the floor.


Just prior to the Gospel reading and as Father begins reading it in Latin, you are inspired to place your heart and your free will into the mystical hole in the floor before the altar as Jesus had you do recently before the Devotion to His Holy Face at your home. 

Instantly you see that behind Jesus, you, Blessed Mother, and Saint Joseph stands a vast army that includes all the occupants of heaven.  They have joined you to help with the rescue of souls!

They, too, place their hearts into the ocean of God’s mercy, so many hearts surrendered to Jesus which will help catch precious fish (save souls).


You are inspired to place the demons defiling humanity into the mystical hole prepared to receive the Cross, where they will be crushed by the power of sacrificial love when the Cross is mystically raised at the Consecration.

You also place the intentions of every single person into the ocean of God’s mercy.


During the elevation, you suddenly see the celebrant in your place in the darkest recesses of the black abyss, holding up the Light of the World, with your parish behind him as heaven is behind you. 

This reveals that every parish must accept its mission from God so that  many souls (through all time) will be saved.

As the Cross is mystically raised before the altar, a certain number of drops of Jesus’ Precious Blood project from His Sacred Body and land into the mystical hole in the floor leading to the ocean of God's mercy.  

Each one of those drops of His Blood shed in reparation has a purpose, and is going to catch specific fish today.

All the occupants of heaven, the people and spirits who joined you in the blackest part of the abyss to rescue souls, bow down very low and reverently before the Blessed Sacrament during the Consecration.  Their humility and yours warms the hearts of those held in spiritual bondage.  Their minds had already been illuminated by Christ's Light when the monstrance was held high before them. 

The demons among the captive souls are forced to bow reverently during the Consecration. 

What a sight that is, to see the blackest black and most hideous looking prison wardens with no mercy bowing down so low before our Savior.


Jesus then gives you His Sacred Heart to replace yours, which had been presented to Him and then placed along with your will into the ocean of God’s mercy to help save souls.

Jesus’ Sacred Heart mystically begins beating in place of yours, and pumps His Precious Blood throughout your body.  

Jesus does this to heal us. 

In particular this action is a metaphor to show Jesus' intention to restore His Bride, His Catholic Church, and to heal those within Her with the Precious Blood from His Sacred Heart.   

Christ is the One Who gives life to His Church. 

While processing up the isle,  you suddenly find yourself once again outfitted in the elaborate wedding gown and long veil.  That dress is so magnificent.  Notable once again is the generous amount of fabric and the many folds in it.

Your friends from the history of the Work ofReparation to the Holy Face of Jesus accompany you up the isle, along with many small children who had lost their lives to abortion.  Young Saint Dominic Savio is there also, and he happily manages the children as you all approach the altar.  Your angel guardian and the Adoring Angels (angels that adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament) are part of the sacred procession.

As you kneel to receive and be unified with the Love of your eternal life, with His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, your soul finds itself on earth and also in heaven!  

You anticipate that our Lord is going to do something else, but don't know what or when.  

Jesus, is a catch coming?


You happily remain in church after Holy Mass has concluded.  Jesus requests everyone REMAIN during the sacred fifteen minutes while we are unified with Him in the Sacrament of Love.  He asks that we remain still, and adore Him. 

"Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10).

God has so many graces for us all, and for so many others through us, but we must REMAIN to receive them. 

Jesus waits a while before revealing the rest.  Perhaps He is relishing His time with you alone when He is loved by you in return. 

You are absolutely irreplaceable.  


After a while, the two of you discuss wedding presents.  Jesus has already been given your heart and your free will.  How generous of you!

Sacrificial love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Sacrificial love is so strong that the bonds formed by it cannot ever be broken, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.  

Suddenly, Jesus reveals His wedding presents for you.  

A large net is raised by the Hand of God from the mystical hole in the floor in front of the altar.  

Many of Christ’s priests are in the net.  

They have been rescued from the deepest levels of spiritual bondage.  

But that's not all!  God loves us so lavishly, so extravagantly!  

You see nets being raised before both Devotions to the Holy Face in your home, one on the first floor and one on the second floor.  

One net contains bishops, and the other net contains cardinals!

They have been rescued from the most remote areas of the black abyss by the drops of Christ’s Precious Blood which projected mystically from His Sacred Body as the Cross was raised during the  re-presentation of His Crucifixion.  
And then one more net was raised, before the monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament at a Perpetual Adoration Chapel which is the only one available for the people in many communities near and far.  Caught in that net are seminarians and those who will be called to the priesthood in the future who had been in spiritual bondage.  

Thanks be to God, they were rescued, too!
All was accomplished by the power of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass united with the miraculous Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. 

All these men gratefully placed their hearts into the mystical hole in the ground leading to the ocean of God’s mercy to help save other precious, priceless, and immortal souls. 


Jesus concludes by telling you that with their rescue, many more souls will be rescued through them.  

You then see all the rescued men go to other souls held captive in the black abyss, and they begin unlocking the chains binding so many others.

Don't ever just be Catholic;  be PROFOUNDLY Catholic!  There is so much more of God's love to discover and then keep rediscovering.  He is so in love with you!

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  Images taken at Ss. Cyril and Methodius Slovak Catholic Church
 in Sterling Heights, Michigan, U.S.A.  Parish Website
at Joseph Karl Publishing
and before the Lord's miraculous Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus
in Rochester Hills, Michigan, U.S.A.



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