Friday, May 31, 2013

Profoundly Catholic Acquisitions

Joseph Karl Publishing went shopping yesterday morning, on the glorious Feast of Corpus Christi, after Holy Mass of course, just for you!

 A crown of thorns, an image of the Holy Face of Jesus, books, a Madonna and Child mug (okay, that one is not for you), two sets of Stations of the Cross, one large and one small, and a double kneeler join the precious, priceless inventory so we can bring precious, priceless you EVEN MORE profoundly Catholic material to help guide you right into the welcoming, waiting, loving, compassionate, and merciful arms of Jesus. 

He is so in love with you!! +


Joseph Karl Publishing recognizes that the very best way to serve you is to first spend time in prayer, adoring the Lord, seeking His will and counsel, and petitioning Him for your and our needs.

Find us in the pew, right next to you;  there is no other place that we would rather be.

Authentic, majestic, unifying, and PROFOUNDLY Catholic.  
God is so in love with us all.