Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Books, Blogs, Pictures, and Plans: The Next Generation of Catholic Publishers is Working Hard for You!

Discover or rediscover the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, AND Pro-Life Church!

The team at Joseph Karl Publishing is hard at work evangelizing, promoting ongoing Catholic faith formation throughout the lifespan and around the world, defending life, encouraging the faithful, and getting people FIRED UP about majestic, authentic Catholicism.

Joseph Karl Publishing's award-winning, life-changing, authentic Catholic material is part of the action in Germany today at the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest book and media fair in the world. Its newest title, "A New Voice for a Broken Soul" by Paul A. Ray, will be presented to the international community from Europe, just after debuting at the 2012 Beijing Book Fair. The next generation of Catholic publishers, missionary authors, producers, and photographers is working hard, for you!

Joseph Karl Publishing continues taking authentic, majestic Catholic images and sharing them with others around the world.  Many thanks to the countless people around the world who share our mission of evangelizing, and encouraging the faithful, and have shared the images on social media sites, picture boards, etc.  Go, team!!

 Image taken during Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction 
 this morning at Ss. Cyril and Methodius Slovak Catholic Church 
in Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA.

As award-winning graphic designer Roseann Nieman works on the front and back covers of God Moments III:  True Love Leads To Life and Erin Howarth at DDM Publications professionally copy edits the book as it makes its way toward publication, the award-winning writing continues!

From publisher and author Michele Bondi Bottesi's latest blog posting:  The Vestments, the Victims, and the Virtue! A sweet story of what happened while taking pictures for a book cover at Ss. Cyril and Methodius Slovak Catholic Church:


From author and speaker Paul A. Ray's blog: A New Voice for a Broken Soul keeps speaking.  Some behind-the-scenes thoughts by Catholic missionary author Paul A. Ray as his life-changing new book is presented today at the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany. Authentic, majestic, Catholic! God's unfathomable love and mercy are available to every single person, without exception. 

Paul and Michele are working together on a new book, the sequel to award-winning Your Personal Apostolate:  Accepting and Sharing the Love of God.  This second book in the series will focus on Jesus Christ and every single person's life purpose.  Paul and Michele are FIRED UP and very excited to present Catholicism to you in a way that ROCKS your world!

Michele has been working on some postings that address spiritual combat;  these posts will be merged with Paul's powerful material on the subject, and integrated into the book.  The first three posts on the subject:  It's time to go on the OFFENSIVE! What you need to know to fight the very real spiritual battles, AND WIN.

Michigan authors, publishers, and colleagues Nancy Carabio Belanger from Harvey House Publishing and Michele Bondi Bottesi  from JKP will be signing books on Saturday, October 20, 2012 at a favorite place, Faith @ Work in Troy, Michigan. For more info, click here.

Many, many more projects in the works for you. More updates will come as the good Lord determines the order, and the timing, of the assignments.

Be sure to share your magnificent Catholic faith with others!  God is at work in you.  +