Monday, September 24, 2012

Sharing the Love of God Through Majestic Catholic Images, Blogs, Books, Prints, Videos, and Personal Witness

The next generation of Catholic Publishers, missionary authors, photographers, and producers are working hard to serve you, all of you, no matter where you are around the world.

From a recent blog posting on "God Is At Work In You!":

Responding to the Lord's request to extend its reach to more parts of the world, Joseph Karl Publishing's titles are headed to Germany for the 2012 Frankfurt International Book Fair, the largest book and media fair in the world.  This week, JKP will be following up on interest from multiple publishers in China following the 2012 Beijing Book Fair.

Work continues on the "Catholicism 101" series of images which seek to present Catholicism in ways you perhaps have never before considered or experienced.

Currently, three short videos are in production at Apostolate Films.  One is True Love Leads To Life's first prolife short video, one is on the love of God as It comes to us in so many ways through the majestic Tridentine Holy Mass, and one is on Eucharistic Adoration.

The Sacrament of Christ's Peace, an earlier video:

 Work continues on the logo for a new Catholic show as the final touches are added to the studio.  As soon as the logo is finished, the name of the show will be released, and when the Lord gives us the go-ahead, taping will begin.

Andre Bottesi works on the logo for the new show.
  Printouts of the manuscript for 
God Moments III:  True Love Leads To Life

Professional copy editing began today on God Moments III:  True Love Leads To Life as the pro-life compilation speeds toward publication, and will be available, ironically, around the time of the 2012 Presidential Election.  Our thanks to the many people who shared their life-changing, and perhaps life-saving, stories in the book.  God is at work in you!  

The development of JKP's Catholic image series for use in homes, schools, parishes, offices, hospitals, etc. continues.  Many prototypes have been printed in an effort to get them just right for those who have expressed interest in them.  Several of the images are available on JKP's website, which is still under construction.  Work on the completely redesigned website has been painfully slow, but the store is up and running.  In due time, the images and descriptions of the books and posters will be added.  Thanks to everyone for their patience as we get to the many assignments as the Lord allows.  

 If Catholicism is not absolutely ROCKING your world, then you don't know Catholicism!  Discover or rediscover the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, AND Pro-Life Church, and the majestic full expression of Christianity as established by its very Founder, Jesus Christ.  God is so in love with you!

More updates soon.

Joseph Karl Publishing thanks our friends around the world who have shared the majestic Catholic images and stories with so many others.  You are vital members of our team;  God is at work in you!


Joseph Karl Publishing, its film division, Apostolate Films, and True Love Leads To Life were founded by our Lord in 2009 to defend human life and dignity, foster Catholic faith formation throughout the lifespan and around the world, promote reconciliation and healing, inspire, nurture the faithful, and guide precious, immortal souls to Christ.

JKP has been honored with 25 national and international awards for its material, which adheres to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. The team of authentic Catholic missionary authors, editors, photographers, and producers take no credit for anything, thank God for everything, and are grateful to the parish of Ss. Cyril & Methodius Slovak Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Detroit for its generous collaboration.

God is at work in you!