Friday, June 1, 2012

Books, Videos, Blogs, Pictures, and a New Website

The next generation of Catholic publishers, authors, photographers, and producers is working hard to serve you.  

Joseph Karl Publishing's newly redesigned website will be launched very soon!  After many, many hours of meetings, planning, and building the site, webmaster Ted Lang from Advantage Information Systems will debut the new face of one member of the next generation of Catholic publishers next week.

Building a site to meet the needs of visitors, as well as those of the rapidly expanding company, was no small task.  Ted has done an exceptional job integrating a great deal of information in a user-friendly format that will eventually accommodate material currently in production and development.      

Be sure to visit the Corpus Meum: Authentic Catholic page,  which includes the logos and links to the publishing company websites of Harvey House Publishing, Full Quiver Publishing, Bezalel Books, and McVeigh Ministries as well as those of other wonderful Catholic companies and organizations.

If you are looking for exceptional quality, award-winning, life-changing, authentic Catholic material, you will be sure to find it.

Work continues at Apostolate Films on the short video The Sacrament of Christ's Peace. Additional pictures were taken following the Tridentine Holy Mass on Saturday and were integrated during the week. 

Voiceovers will be rerecorded next Friday at Ss. Cyril and Methodius Slovak Catholic Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan in the Archdiocese of Detroit.  Chere Sanborn Bernhard will recite A Reconciliation Prayer, and Fr. Benjamin Kosnac will record the delightful ending.  Apostolate Films is also thrilled to be collaborating with Ryan Orlosky, who will be advising on sound and technology.  Thank you, Ryan! 

The Sacrament of Christ's Peace is produced by Andre Bottesi and Paul A. Ray

Click to view Apostolate Films' The Majesty of Holy Mass

Joseph Karl Publishing's Catholic image galleries continue to grow on Facebook, Google +, iCatholic, and Pinterest (see right sidebar for a list of the links).  It thanks everyone who has shared the images with others, and all those who have written to express their appreciation for the material.  God is at work in you!  

Today a new True Love Leads To Life pro-life image gallery was launched on Pinterest:  


Pro-life individuals and groups are welcome to share the images or copy and use them to defend the defenseless and to promote the great dignity and sanctity of human life.  

The team of authors, editors, and producers at Catholic publishing partners Harvey House Publishing and Joseph Karl Publishing, including Nancy Carabio Belanger, Paul A. Ray, and Michele Bondi Bottesi, continue working on their respective books, and also maintain blogs with material inspired by the Holy Spirit to encourage, promote ongoing Catholic faith formation throughout the lifespan, defend life and human dignity, promote forgiveness and healing, and guide precious, immortal souls to Christ.

Paul A. Ray's blog:

Nancy Carabio Belanger's blog:

Michele Bondi Bottesi's blog:

The cover of Paul's book, A New Voice for a Broken Soul, is just about finished.  The exceptional front cover image was photographed by Mike Nykoruk at Highlights Studios.  Paul, graphic designer Roseann Nieman, and publisher Michele Bondi Bottesi viewed color printouts of the cover this week and will wrap up the file by the end of next week. Currently, Paul's manuscript is in the hands of professional copy editor Nancy Carabio Belanger, and soon it will travel to book packager Ellen Howarth at DDM Publications, who will finish typesetting the book.  The final electronic copy will then be sent back to Joseph Karl Publishing, and after Paul, Michele, and writer and editor Susan Schoenstein review the book one final time, it will head off to print.  

A New Voice for a Broken Soul by Paul A. Ray will be published fall 2012.

Work continues on God Moments III: True Love Leads To Life, a pro-life book written and compiled by Michele Bondi Bottesi.  So many people have shared their life-changing stories already, and there are still more to come.  Work on the cover began this week, and JKP is grateful to Fr. Luigi Gabris for sharing several testimonials and the picture for the front cover, which corresponds to one of his beautiful stories.        

God Moments III will be available fall 2012.

Working in collaboration with Catholic publishing partner Harvey House Publishing.

 "Trust all things to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
and to Mary, Help of Christians,
and you will see what miracles are."

~ St. John Bosco