Sunday, May 6, 2012

"The Sacrament of Christ's Peace"

 Work continues on Apostolate Films' short video on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 

While The Majesty of Holy Mass is approximately six minutes long and is comprised of 83 still images and three video clips acquired during three Holy Masses, seven voiceovers, and two musical tracks, The Sacrament of Christ's Peace will be under four minutes, and will be comprised of all still images (the number is still to be determined), one musical track, and two voiceovers.  Apostolate Films promises that viewers will be delighted by the ending!

The Sacrament of Christ's Peace will debut within the next several weeks.
"My dear children, let nothing undermine your confidence in God, not even shame for your sins. We all know we are weak. After all, you don’t go to confession to tell your miracles! And the confessor certainly doesn’t think that you are impeccable. You’d laugh if he did! Courage then, my children! With one word you can escape hell and win Heaven. It takes so little. The confessor will help you." 

~ St. John Bosco

When St. John Bosco was a boy, 
his mother made it a point to tell him 
how important it was to not hold anything back 
when he went to confession. 

Remember to speak to God directly, intimately, and honestly
during the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  

God is so in love with you!

His mercy is available to each and every one of us,
without exception. 

Use the following prayer as a guide to help you 
come up with your very own.

A Reconciliation Prayer

Oh sweet Author of Life,
Your pardon I seek as I kneel before Your Cross.
Lord, forgive me.
Immerse me in Your compassion,
for I have so little to offer you.
Even my petition for forgiveness comes from You.

You long for my approach, though wounded,
so generously willing to exchange human iniquity
with the Love that annihilates and saves,
when the soul but accepts Your invitation.

I give my nothingness entirely to You.

Divine Justice have mercy on me,
and may all my brothers and sisters benefit also,
especially those most in need of Your saving grace.
Blood of Christ wash over me,
and transform my self into You.
Make of me the mirror
that reflects Your love to Your beloved.

I thank You for Your sacrifice and invitation,
for Your patience while awaiting my response,
as I seek Your will
while You encourage me to make my own choices.

For lovingly creating, guiding, and consoling me,
for all You have generously given me,
including the grace to recognize
that which on my own I cannot see.

For allowing me to lose, that I may win.
For giving me the opportunity to journey with You
along Your Way of the Cross.

I accept Your love,
and return to You my heart united with Yours
along with my obedience.

I thank You for everything, Thy Will be done,
and petition You to fill this dry well
with Your Divine Presence.

© Joseph Karl Publishing

God is at work in you!