Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Images, A Short Film on the Majesty of Holy Mass, A Book, and A New Website

Joseph Karl Publishing continues efforts to fulfill its mission to promote ongoing Catholic faith formation throughout the lifespan and around the world, defend human life and dignity, encourage forgiveness and healing, inspire, and guide precious, eternal souls to Christ. 

Currently JKP's website is being rebuilt to better suit the work that the good Lord has for it just up the road.   Dear friend and valued colleague Ted Lang of Advantage Information Systems is spearheading that effort, and the new website will debut very soon.

Ted is also helping JKP with the mechanics of developing majestic Catholic prints and posters which will be available soon for individuals, schools, parishes, homes, organizations, businesses, groups, and the workplace.  

The pro-life movement True Love Leads To Life, which is currently developing its official material, will provide images of Jesus taken during Eucharistic Adoration and Exposition on the new website.  The public will be encouraged to have the images made into posters to display while praying at abortion clinics.  As Servant of God, Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. said, "There is no stopping abortion without the Eucharist."

Also in development are images that reach out to the tens of millions of people in need of post-abortion help and healing, including those who are aware of the source of their pain as well as those who have suppressed their pain but are nevertheless still suffering.  

God is so in love with humanity.

Work continues on the life-changing book A New Voice For A Broken Soul by Catholic author Paul A. Ray.  Paul is wrapping up his final edits to the manuscript as award-winning graphic designer Roseann Nieman completes the front and back covers.  A projected publication date will be available soon.  

Paul also writes thought provoking and educational posts on his blog;  if you have not visited  Tongues as of Fire! , consider doing so.  You may just find yourself incorporating Paul's inspiring posts as a regular part of your ongoing faith formation.

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JKP continues to post Catholic images on social media sites 
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The short film The Majesty of Holy Mass is being edited and soon, voice overs will be added to the images and the beautiful music.  It is quite a task to present a mystery that defies all human understanding in roughly five minutes, and to choose from so much beautiful material.  Quotes from Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J., St. John Vianney, and St. John Bosco will be included.  The insights of these four wonderful men and holy priests will surely inspire viewers to greater Divine Intimacy.  A very pleasant Gregorian Chant has been chosen along with some very delightful dramatic music that fits just right.    

How is God at work in you?

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