Friday, January 6, 2012

JKP Books Now Available In The United Kingdom On Kindle

Our thanks to Amazon Kindle for partnering with us to provide exceptional quality, award-winning, life-changing reading to our brothers and sisters of all ages around the world.


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A New Voice For A Broken Soul
By Paul A. Ray

Available early 2012.

Joseph Karl Publishing and its film division, Apostolate Films, were founded in 2009 to encourage, inspire, promote Catholic faith formation throughout the lifespan, defend human dignity, and guide precious, immortal souls to Christ. In the past two years, JKP has been honored with 24 national and international awards for its work, which adheres to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

To learn more about its award-winning books for all ages, including the brilliant epic One Man's Journey to Freedom: Escape From Behind the Iron Curtain by Gene X. Kortsha, visit:

Joseph Karl Publishing continues its mission into its third year by spearheading the new pro-life movement True Love Leads To Life, an unprecedented, global, and peaceful mission led by Jesus Christ. Its purpose is to promote sanctity on an individual level as we unify our efforts and love, educate, and role-model an end to legalized abortion and euthanasia, and to promote pre- and post-abortion help and healing to those in need. People of all faiths are invited and encouraged to join the effort. The official brochure is currently in development and will be available for downloading and sharing soon.

Life-changing books in development for 2012 include "A New Voice For A Broken Soul' by Paul A. Ray, the pro-life compilation 'God Moments III: True Love Leads to Life,' the second book in the Personal Apostolate Series, a prayer booklet, and God Moments IV.

Currently in pre-production at Apostolate Films: a documentary film about the life and mission of Servant of God Father John A. Hardon, S.J., in collaboration with writer and director Jason Salyers and Converse Marketing. Apostolate Films also produces short inspirational and educational videos, so be sure to visit our film page at or on Facebook, to see what is new!

More life-changing material including books, articles, photographs, posters, and films are in development for 2012 and beyond in collaboration with our award-winning publishing partner Nancy Carabio Belanger at Harvey House Publishing ( We also work in collaboration with other Catholic companies and organizations and together, as Corpus Meum (members of the Mystical Body of Christ), are able to accomplish more for the greater honor and glory of the Blessed Trinity and for the benefit of precious, eternal souls.

Looking for life-changing material worthy of your great dignity? You will find it here.

JKP is in the process of establishing a foundation that works together with hospital and prison ministries to provide life-changing material to our brothers and sisters in need of compassion.

Enjoy images from JKP's picture galleries here on facebook and also on Google Plus. In early 2012, posters of the best of the images will be available. Photographs Copyright 2012 Joseph Karl Publishing.