Thursday, December 15, 2011

JKP Wraps Up 2011 With Many Exciting Assignments In Development

The team at Joseph Karl Publishing sets its sights on producing material for 2012 and beyond that encourages, inspires, promotes ongoing Catholic faith formation throughout the lifespan, and guides precious, eternal souls to Jesus and toward heaven.

We also continue with our mission to love, educate, and role-model and end to abortion and euthanasia, and to promote help and healing for the countless people in need all over the world.

Before we take our Christmas break, here's an update of our heavenly assignments currently in development:
God Moments II: Recognizing the Fruits of the Holy Spirit was released in early October; many wonderful Catholics generously gave their time to write stories and/or help create the insightful book. It truly was a group effort and labor of love. Together, we make up the Mystical Body of Christ. Together, we bring honor and glory to the Blessed Trinity, and accomplish even more for precious, eternal souls.

With that very thought in mind, JKP recently launched Corpus Meum. Corpus Meum is a group of authentic Catholic companies and organizations that work to encourage, inspire, guide souls to Christ and to heaven, and promote Catholic faith formation and together, make up the Mystical Body of Christ. Perhaps you know some of them, and perhaps some are new to you; all of their work is worth knowing about. Authentic Catholic companies and organizations are welcome to apply (there is no charge to be a member). We ask that the primary focus of Corpus Meum companies and organizations be clearly on serving God and not on any particular individual (or individuals), and that requests for donations on members' sites be at most minimal.

As of the first week in December, all of our current titles except the picture book Our Treasure have been converted to Kindle format, and are available for purchase as e-books on Kindle! In the future, newly published titles will be available for purchase on Kindle at the time the print versions of the books are released.

Paul A. Ray's life-changing book, A New Voice For A Broken Soul has just been professionally copy edited by our stellar colleague Nancy Carabio Belanger of Harvey House Publishing (, and will be final edited in January. Mike Nykoruk of Highlights Studios wrapped up work on the front cover image, and the cover designs are being finalized.

We thank our outstanding graphic designer Roseann Nieman of Niemanart Graphics for her dedicated service. Roseann started a new job at the end of the summer, and she has proven irreplaceable. She was the glue that held us together as we worked to meet deadlines on many different projects. Roseann did such a wonderful job integrating our vision for projects as she considered other possibilities and created logos, book covers, flyers, a postcard, and various business cards. Her book covers included Your Teen and Preteen Apostolate books, God Moments and God Moments II, Our Treasure, and One Man's Journey to Freedom: Escape From Behind the Iron Curtain. Her cover designs and stellar finishing touches have earned several book design awards. Thank you, Roseann!

Change brings some uncertainty but also other possibilities, and Joseph Karl Publishing has accepted the challenge and is doing more graphic design in house. We are still looking for a professional graphic designer to work with on a project by project basis, as we have some exciting new projects in the works! More about those early in 2012.

Work continues on God Moments III: True Love Leads To Life and the stories we have compiled so far are life-changing, and hopefully also life saving. We are hoping that the book will be a wonderful compliment to the vital work already being accomplished by the various organizations and individuals within the pro-life movement, and result in saved lives while promoting healing for those harmed by abortion.

Work also continues on the official brochure for the new pro-life movement True Love Leads To Life. Several formal pro-life summons, or invitations, have been created and distributed on the world wide web, and more are in the works. They officially invite individuals to use their talents for good and to peacefully defend life. We are also continuously adding to our pro-life picture gallery. The summons and pro-life images may be digitally copied and shared, or printed out and shared (not sold) with others.

Work has also begun on God Moments IV, which is untitled at this moment but will be made up of God moments stories having to do with encounters with the saints, our friends and intercessors in heaven. The projected publication date for the fourth book in the God Moments series is late 2012.
The team at Apostolate Films has begun collecting information, audio, video, pictures, and personal testimonials for the documentary film on Servant of God, Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. The film is now in pre-production, and will be created in collaboration with writer and director Jason Salyers of Converse Marketing. Jason directed the wonderful film Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Servant of All. We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Jason, and to be making a film about greatly beloved Fr. Hardon, whose work is so vital for our time and not widely known.

We also have a series of posters of various sizes in development. The pictures are being chosen from the very best of our photo collection, which includes very beautiful images taken during Eucharistic Exposition, Holy Mass, and in and around the extraordinary parish of Ss. Cyril & Methodius Slovak Roman Catholic Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan, U.S.A. We hope to have the first posters available in early 2012.

We are also in the process of establishing a foundation that provides life-changing material to our brothers and sisters in need of compassion in hospitals, medical centers, and prisons. The official logo is ready and material has already been distributed; all we need now is a name.

We look forward to providing much more life-changing material worthy of your great dignity in 2012 and beyond.