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The Rochester Avon Historical Society Welcomes Gene Kortsha Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If you live in the area, you won't want to miss this brilliant speaker and award-winning author.

Avon Historical Society welcomes Gene Kortsha as the guest speaker for our Brown Bag Lunch on Tuesday, October 4, from 12 noon – 1:00p.m. at the Rochester Community House, 816 Ludlow Street in Rochester. An American citizen since 1961, he earned a B.A. in Chemistry and a M.S. in Industrial Hygiene and Health Services from Wayne State University. Gene worked for General Motors for 29 years, serving the last 13 as corporate director of Industrial Hygiene. Born in Albania, this man’s journey to get to America is chronicled in his book, One Man’s Journey to Freedom: Escape From Behind the Iron Curtain (Joseph Karl Publishing: 2010). Growing up in Europe and escaping from regimes of the infamous dictators including Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Tito, his life is amazing.

Bring your lunch if you wish. Cookies and coffee will be provided. Admission is free. For more information call (248) 651- 6178 or (248) 656 – 1125.

From the back of the book:

The first 15 years of his life were spent in exile. After returning to Albania, he experienced firsthand the martyrdom of his homeland through World War II, the civil war that followed, and the subsequent brutal communist domination. He was forced to leave his medical studies, imprisoned, released, and then sent to work in one of the poorest regions in the North. While forced into hard labor he received the physical conditioning necessary for his tenth attempt at escaping the country. He left behind his parents and brother and risked risk a fate worse than death--capture—hoping for a future and a life free from oppression.

The miraculous story of One Man’s Journey to Freedom: Escape From Behind the Iron Curtain provides a powerfully moving account of the heroic resistance against the destruction of humanitarian principles and persecution behind the Iron Curtain, and reminds us that history could repeat itself at any time and in any place.

"This searing account of one man's life threatening struggle for freedom addresses the horror and real history that exists in the lives of prisoners. Gene Kortsha describes in vivid detail his personal experience along with a vivid portrayal of the fear, horror, and intimidation involved. His portrayal of his inner life during this time and of the people that surrounded him is in a league by itself." ~ Catholic Press Association

One Man's Journey to Freedom: Escape From Behind the Iron Curtain
by Gene X. Kortsha

Winner of five 2011 book awards.

ISBN # 9781935356134
Paperback, 740 pages
Joseph Karl Publishing, 2010

Available at:
Baker & Taylor
Joseph Karl Publishing

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