Sunday, August 7, 2011

Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show & Catholic Writers Guild Conference

So many things going on, all for the greater honor and glory of the Blessed Trinity, and for souls loved and valued beyond measure.
With so many exciting things going on all at once, and for that matter all the time, we forgot to mention that Harvey House Publishing and Joseph Karl Publishing's award-winning books were all on display at the wonderful Catholic Writer's Guild booth at the Fifteenth Annual Catholic Marketing Network's Trade Show in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania last week.

We had hoped to attend and also visit Boston for Fr. Corapi's conference, but the good Lord had other things in mind for us this summer.

We missed seeing all of our friends and making new ones, and learning about the wonderful, sacrificial work so many people are doing in the Catholic world to lead souls to Christ. Our friend Alan Napleton, President of the Catholic Marketing Network, and his staff do a wonderful job and we are so grateful for their efforts.

We also miss seeing our friends and making new ones at the Catholic Writer's Guild Conference, thank them for all of their efforts on behalf of the Kingdom of God, and encourage them in their efforts.

God is at work in all of you!

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