Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Many Gifts, So Freely Given

Food and children are at the top of my list.

One day I remarked to my children during another delicious meal that when I get to heaven I am going to be sure to thank God for all the wonderful food enjoyed during my lifetime. Their response: “Aren’t you going to thank Him for us?” So very many blessings freely and generously given to us by God!

Most loving and generous God,
I thank you for the mystery of Your Being and Your infinite love.
For creating me, for my family and for every friend I have ever had.
For neighbors, warm air, animals, flowers, and colors.
For rays of light and beautiful sunsets.
For a warm house, a hot shower, a steaming cup of hazelnut coffee.
For croissants with butter and jelly.
For band aids, batteries, scrunchies, and tandem bikes.
For gardens and children, laughter and love.
For sugar.
For allowing me to be part of the beautiful world that You created.
For music and singing. Emotions and facial expressions.
For the times you touch my heart so deeply and tenderly.
For vocations. For the Grand Canyon. For always welcoming me in Your house.
For always being present for us in the Eucharist.
For the opportunity to receive you every single day if I choose.
For giving me a free will and rules to follow. For sometimes having me wait.
For humiliations and suffering. For our conversations.
For all the times you make me smile.
For new ideas and opportunities to learn and create.
For Your directive to love heroically, just like Jesus.
For the opportunity to live in imitation of Christ.
For wanting our wills to be united.
I love you back!

Here is a list compiled with the kind help of Alice and my children Andre, Nick, and Alyssa to help you get started with your own list: rainbows, butterflies, puppies, candy, babies, bows, people, spices, birthdays, skateboards, friends, sand, flowers, parks, pinwheels, cherries, decorations, cupcakes, snowflakes, water, pets, Christmas, weddings, coffee, snow, buttons, breezes, movie theaters, flags, concession stands, buffets, airports, pineapples, beaches, straws, kites, purses, candy canes, prayers, comics, surfboards, music, popcorn, trains, chocolate hearts, games, fireworks, chairs, icicles, the ice cream truck, books, lemonade, smencils, diaries, sidewalk chalk, stories, tree climbing, forts, cherry tomatoes, notebooks, strawberries, smiles...

A thankful heart is a happy heart.

+ Think about what you are most grateful for and thank God for His goodness.
+ Share your gratitude with others and let them know how much you value them.

God is at work in you!
Thank you Alice, Andre, Nick, & Alyssa for help with today’s blog. God is at work in you!