Sunday, August 29, 2010

Please Consider Sharing Your God Moments

God Moments: Stories That Inspire, Moments to Remember
will be released September, 2010.

Joseph Karl Publishing
is compiling more God moments
for the sequel to be released Fall, 2011.

From the first book:

God moments are very significant experiences that have great meaning for us and for other people. Such events may include people, animals, angels, saints, circumstances, or anything in God's creation, and always involve an encounter with the Divine. Perhaps they are meant to challenge or change us, encourage and inspire us, motivate, comfort, or prepare us. Sometimes they occur over time for reasons that we do not immediately understand.

We can be confident that God always loves us, remains with us, and is our strength and our hope. Our mission is to know God and serve Him, always loving in greater measure. May the stories in “God Moments” help you to recognize these special moments in your own life and encourage you to consider their purpose.

Please submit your first person account(s) to:

Chapter titles tentatively include but are not limited to
conversions, intercession,
vocations, and mercy.

Joseph Karl Publishing reserves the right
to select the stories
and edit them for grammar and clarity.

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This is a story from the first book as an example:

How an Accident with a Dog Brought Me Closer to Christ
A summer encounter with a dog and a rope.

One sunny day my children and I were having fun with friends in our backyard. Our friends brought along their newest family member, a very playful medium-sized dog. Her collar was attached to a long rope which was anchored in the ground in the middle of the yard. She happily ran around with the children as we all enjoyed a glorious day.

The accident happened very quickly, and although I saw it coming just before it happened there was no time for me to react. I do remember my friend gasping at the sight of what was about to happen to me. The dog was running along with the children in the yard and the rope attached to her collar formed a big loop on the grass. My right foot happened to be inside of that circle and as she ran the rope rapidly made a tighter circle until it completely surrounded my ankle. The dog came to a sudden stop as the rope completed its circle and cut into my flesh. The pain was excruciating.

After my friend secured her dog I was able to remove the rope from inside of and around my leg. Pain and more pain. Everyone felt very bad that I had been hurt. However, the accident proved to be a tremendous blessing. As we all studied the gash in my leg, I thought of the lashes and the gashes in the precious flesh of our beloved Jesus during His scourging. There was one very painful accidental gash in my leg—but our Savior had so many. His suffering was no accident, it was purposeful. He chose to pay the debt we owed. He loves us THAT much.

Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged. And the soldiers wove a crown of thorns and put it on his head, and they dressed him in a purple robe. They kept coming up to him, saying, “Hail, King of the Jews!” and striking him on the face. John 19: 1-3.

The pain in my leg remained for days and I was reminded of the gash often, especially every morning in the shower. When water hit it the pain was terrible. Although the injury caused me pain, I felt great love at the same time because the pain reminded me of Jesus' great love for me. Like Jesus’ pain, my pain was accomplishing something good. My children learned from the experience and now when they get a cut they think about what Jesus endured for their salvation. By being grateful for the good that my suffering accomplished, I understood more personally that a Savior who accepted such unfathomable suffering to redeem every single one of us is one very loving Savior indeed.

“O Jesus, many times in my life I have preferred Barabbas to you. There is no way that I can undo those choices but to make my way to your feet and beg your forgiveness. But that is so humiliating, for you wear the garment of a fool, and you bear in your hand the reed scepter of a mock king! It is so hard for me to do penance and to admit that I am guilty! It is so hard to be seen with you, who are wearing your crown of thorns. It is hard! But let me see, Jesus, that it is harder to wear the crown of thorns” Fulton J. Sheen, The Way of the Cross (Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.: Indiana) p. 8-9.

A three inch scar remains on my leg, while Jesus' love remains in my life. Most loving Jesus, I accept Your offer of salvation and sanctification. May my life be a living testimony of my gratitude to You for suffering in my place. My sweet Jesus, I love you back!

-Michele Elena Bondi